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Misty asks...

This question is about: Other

I've had my 6 month old pup, Ohana, for about a week. She needs to be socialized, she is sometimes afraid of new things, and sometimes she barks at new people. She has gotten better; however, my mother lives in New Orleans and one day I would like to be able to take Ohana to the French Quarter without having to worry about Ohana being afraid of all the people, new things, smells and noises. (This is just a long term goal I have.) My question is how do I socialize her inpreporation for a situation like that?

Nellie asks...

This question is about: Hyperactivity Puppy Management

George is well mannered in the home and walks nicely on leash. Not well socialized with other dogs as we live in the country lots of land just not many around. We have invisible fence. Just adopted a rescue female pit mix 7mo old. Will be spayed in 4 weeks. Very nice temperment..super patient with George. He plays so aggression or growling or biting just rough. Always in play bow. He will pull on her collar. just won't relax. They have only had 6 introductions. They both look forward to seeing each other. Tail wagging, etc. I have her separated in my poolhouse. So...what is the best way to move forward? How to get George the 13 mo old dog to just relax? I walk George about a mile a day to release energy.

Art asks...

This question is about: Other

Have a 3 year old cavachon female. my wife just got a 9 week old morkie male puppy. The intro took place this week but I was away on business and I am the primary for the cavachon. I hear from home that fresca is not doing well with the new puppy. you probably get the picture.. Question - what approach should we take to get the 2 dogs, especially Fresca our cavachon, to get used to each other?rnthanks

Malaika asks...

This question is about: Toileting

I have a small house with 3 bed rooms and a living room. He has access to two rooms and the living room. I have been trying to train my dog with litter box with sand in it. I have tried the leash method, the motivation method, crate method, I have been repeating the words constantly taking him there and I have even tried to be strict with him. Nothing is working at all. He doesn't even pick up the words or sounds yet. So now I have been training him to do it on the roof from more then a month now. But whenever he gets the chance he pees and poops inside my room and inside the house. I constantly have to be on my toes so that he doesn't do it inside the house. whenever he does it I properly scrub and scent the place so that he does not get confused. I am so disappointed that I am seriously thinking of giving him away. Please help me.

John asks...

This question is about: Other

My dogs (sisters) run out gate when stranger drives into yard before gate closes. They have never come home on their own, always get call from neighbor to come get them. How do I stop them running out of gate.

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