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Dale Harrington

Expert Dog Trainer, Dale Harrington

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Dale Harrington
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"Does your dog have a nickname?" the commercial asked in an Aussie voice. Sitting in a Firefighter TV room I answered "Yes, and none of them are very positive either!"... BARK BUSTERS -HOME DOG TRAINING!" Wait a minute, I thought, they come to your home? Wow, this is a "No-Brainer!"

The next morning I was on the Internet and learned that the trainer in VA Beach didn't service my area. This sent me on a detailed research on Bark Busters and how I could become part of this team.

After deligent prayer and a plane ride to Denver Colorado, I became part of the Bark Busters team in 2005. Now, I want to help resolve issues you and your family might be experiencing that are keeping your dog (or dogs) from being a positive addition to your household. And the best thing is that we do that in your your home....or, as your pooch might see it, his or her home! I would love the opportunity to make that a reality... A happier home with your Pup.