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November 14 2008


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Kate & Scott Herman
Fort Myers

November 14 2008

Patrick made [the lesson] very interesting with some outstanding examples to make training easy to understand. I would never had believed the change [in our two American bulldogs], if I wasn't here to see it. The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters is awkward at first, but we are getting used to it. Patrick made the training very enjoyable. I already have recommended Bark Busters to a friend in Vermont.

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Gary & Judith Stevens

November 14 2008

Patrick was able to give clear examples of the "how" and the "why" the techniques work. At the end of the training, Patrick drove away but he made a u-turn and drove by our house and honked his horn and using the techniques we were taught the dogs (a Maltie-poo and a golden retriever) did not bark. Using the Bark Busters techniques is very simple and there are no collars that need recharging. I am very comfortable with the natural training. The training experience was wonderful. It was a relaxed atmosphere and very interesting.

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Antoinette & John Devin
Bonita Springs

November 13 2008

My dogs were totally out of control and I was at my wit's end with them. Justin came to my house and in less than 2 hours they were completely different dogs - so well behaved and easy to handle. I feel like the "Dog Whisperer" just came to my house!!! Thank you! :)

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Wendy Berlin
San Diego

November 13 2008

Al explained the techniques to a group of skeptics answering all our questions and addressing our doubts so well! Did we observe results by the end of training - absolutely! We were both pleased and shocked by the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. Al made it interesting by teaching us both how a dog thinks and how we can think the same way. I want to shout from my rooftop about this program! In one month, if results stick, I probably will! The whole thing was amazing...different dog, different family dynamic and a different home!

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Cindy and Doug Robert

November 13 2008

I LOVED the flip chart! Buddy was so calm and relaxed. I liked the fact that I always have my voice and hands to use for the training. I enjoyed every minute of the training experience. It's so simple, but it helps to have the professionals come out and show you how simple it can be! I'm excited to practice every day and have a well-behaved, contented dog.

Bernice Sitkoff

November 11 2008

The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. We couldn't believe the changes we saw in our dog. We liked having our trainer John come to our home, it was relaxed and enjoyable. I have already recommended Bark Busters to a friend. I wish we had started Bark Busters training sooner.

Jacque K.

November 11 2008

Jim Lory was excellent at explaining the training techniques and very easy to work with.

Sue and Mike B.

November 10 2008

Nikki was very thorough and gave good exercise. I was very impressed with the 'jumping' techniques used and quite surprised how quickly Willie caught on! The training techniques were quite simple and easy to follow. I think it will be harder to 're-train' me in these new techniques than it will be the dog. It is a comfort knowing I can call for a follow-up in needed. It was great to have a trainer come to the home to see how my dog does in his environment.

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Amy M.

November 10 2008

Photo of Kim & Rob Tzoumakas's dog

Unbelievable! A colleague referred us and I would do the same!

Kim & Rob Tzoumakas

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