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February 20 2009

John was wonderful. The skills he taught us were invaluable, and our dogs are so much better behaved that even our "not a dog person" friends are pleased and surprised at their excellent behavior. John even went to the vet with us because I had a problem controlling my Schnauzer's aggression towards the vet and technicians there. I cannot recommend this program enough. What a difference it has made in our lives.

Karen McDowell
St Clair Shores

February 20 2009

Photo of Martie Dufour's dog

I have trained many dogs before and this is the best training I have ever had! Best spent 2 hours of training our dog -- easy to follow and understand! He responded in the first 10 minutes of training. The training experience was great, fun and fast! Everyone will see the difference in our dog. I ABSOLUTELY was pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters.

Martie Dufour

February 19 2009

I never thought I could open my front door without Sammy's help. The results were wonderful. It is the best program I have ever used. I have already recommended Bark Busters to my friends. I can't believe what a difference it has made. My friends all think they are at the wrong house. Being able to invite people over and to be able to open the door without worrying is such a relief. Sammy is a much happier dog too. Thank you.

Leisa Cole
St. Louis

February 19 2009

I observed noticeable results by the end of training. Frodo has not growled or tried to assert his dominance since we were trained by Barbara. The interesting and enjoyable training experience was excellent. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors.

Heather & Zach

February 19 2009

Brian was very informative. Our dog reacted positively within 10-15 minutes of Brian arriving. It was very interesting to see such positive reaction from Max! I was very pleased with Brian/Bark Busters techniques and cannot wait for additional training with Brian! I would definitely recommend Bark Busters.

Cindy N.
Lakewood, Colorado

February 19 2009

We were nothing short of astonished at the progress our dog had made by the end of the session. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone that is serious about how to train their dog! The results through Bark Busters were remarkable!!

Michelle & Damon C.
Lakewood, Colorado

February 18 2009

We can't wait until our household becomes peaceful again. We have already seen a noticeable difference. Thank you!

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Lindsay Barber

February 18 2009

I know that once Paul and I have the training techniques down pat that we will see amazing results. Thanks a bunch!

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Dawn Duckett, Ruskin Animal Hospital

February 18 2009

I now have the confidence to know that my dog is trainable & that he is a well-behaved dog just waiting for my lead. I now know how to think like a dog! Thus far, I have been very happy with the progress of the training. Am I happy with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters? Absolutely. Will I recommend Bark Busters to friends & neighbors? Absolutely.

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Rebecca Livingstone
West Des Moines

February 18 2009

Colin and June were great!

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Paula Shotelle

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