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February 12 2009

I noticed results within 10 minutes. Amazing! The training experience was both interesting and enjoyable. I really wish my neighbors would use Bark Busters; they could really use the help. And I wish I hadn't spent money on books, DVDs and less expensive training in the beginning. Nothing can compare to the results of Bark Busters -- they are definitely worth every penny!

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Julie Groepper

February 12 2009

Jim explained the techniques clearly and made the training fun, interesting and enjoyable. I saw immediately results with both of my dogs and was happy with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. I will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to friends and neighbors!

Kimberley M.
Winter Garden

February 12 2009

Jim explained the training techniques in a clear manner and made the training very informative and enjoyable. We are looking forward to working with Jim to help our dog love, trust and respect us. In just two sessions with Jim we feel we have learned so much!

Steve and Maureen F.

February 12 2009

One household of yappy, barking little dogs is no more!

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Jenny Nagrabianka

February 12 2009

The training techniques were explained in a way that was easy to follow and understand.

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Sarah Roberts

February 12 2009

Maril was very open and engaging; she explained everything in a very positive format. By the end of the first session, my dog was more responsive and a bit more open with her shyness. Yes! I was pleased with the natural training techniques. I have done a lot of training and learned several new techniques as well as a few things I was doing wrong. Absolutely, I truly enjoyed it! I was very excited to get started. Maril was a pleasure to work with. I love the natural techniques and the Bark Busters system. Thank you!

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Lisa S.

February 12 2009

Photo of Gene & Ethel Stanbrough's dog

The therapist's explanation of the training techniques was easy to follow and understand. We saw noticeable results by the end of the first lesson. We will recommend Bark Busters because it is effective.

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Gene & Ethel Stanbrough

February 11 2009

Terry was very informative about techniques. She was also very informative about the psychology behind them. I was surprised by the positive results given the fact that I have a very dominant male dog! I would not have considered the program without the natural training techniques! I recommended Bark Busters training program within an hour of the trainer leaving! I find the literature given is a good reinforcement for the training program. It helps to keep me on track.

Sherry Lehmann

February 11 2009

My neighbors think I have a new dog because when we take a walk, he is calm. We walked by two strangers and he ignored them!

Janice Basile
Satellite Beach

February 11 2009

Dick not only explained the training techniques, but he also showed me how. I got lots of results. I was very happy with just two sessions. It's lots of fun, especially having a smart dog. My dog is learning so fast with this method.

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Vera Jeli

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