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February 10 2009

It was nice to not reward with treats but with love. I also felt the dogs grasped it more readily. I couldn't wait to share what I learned with friends & family, plus show off my dog's well-behaved manners.

Gretchen Schneider
Cameron Park

February 10 2009

Very interesting, and it really works . . . I wish that more people knew these training methods! Colin and June were very understanding and patient. I liked working with them a lot!

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Cynthia Bakos

February 9 2009

Maril was excellent during her presentation & very down to earth. We saw Lucy become calm & submissive (rather than biting us) before Maril left, and she has stayed that way ever since Maril left. We liked the fact that Maril didn't use treats during the training. It was a very interesting experience. Little did we know that we were the cause of Lucy's bad behaviors. We have already recommended Bark Busters. The training produced results in a very short period of time & was easy and effective. We love the lifetime guarantee that Bark Busters offers. It was a great investment in our family & our dogs quality of life. I wish I knew about Bark Busters a long time ago.

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Tracy & Jeff Frasier
Allan Park

February 9 2009

The training techniques were excellent, very clear presentation. We learned a lot and the time went by fast. It's an approach that makes a lot of sense. Maril Zbik understands both dogs and people. She is gifted.

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Celia & Brian Savonen

February 9 2009

Photo of Sarah and Randy Mickulesku's dog

Robin was great! She gave very clear instructions and was so patient with our dogs. She never once made us feel like we were bad dog owners for their poor behavior like other trainers have made us feel in the past. Our instructions were given clear as day. Immediately after Robin left, we said how empowered we felt to be given such clear and effective tools. We have never seen ANY of them on better behavior. We definitely found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. We didn't realize how different the languages that we speak are between humans and dogs. Robin made it enjoyable just by maintaining such a calm demeanor. Highly recommended, worth every penny!

Sarah and Randy Mickulesku

February 9 2009

Photo of Ann & Tom Cooper's dog

Michelle & James Rodriguez are a perfect team, giving the same message in complementary styles. We saw noticeable results by the end of the 2-hour first session (especially barking)! We found the training experience to be interesting, worthwhile, happy and enjoyable. We have already recommended them to our friends and neighbors!

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Ann & Tom Cooper

February 8 2009

Simple and effective. Very good at explaining to kids.

Allen Adamson
Pound Ridge

February 7 2009

The results we obtained with Star were nothing short of a miracle! We love your methods!!!

Grand Rapids, Michigan

February 6 2009

Mike was very thorough; my kids and I were very pleased. Both dogs improved during the session, but they will need constant training. It was very understandable and I learned a lot from Mike -- mainly that we humans need the most training. I would recommend Bark Busters because of he care and concern they have for the animals.

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Kevin Z.

February 6 2009

Dick is a very effective teacher. He puts the concept across in a simple, understandable and fun way. He is a terrific watch with the Bark Busters concept. Thanks!

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Robin Follett and Kevin LaHaie

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