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February 5 2009

Patrick did an excellent job in explaining the techniques to correct Lexi's (German shepherd behaviors and what we as dog owners were doing incorrectly in an attempt to correct her poor behaviors. After Patrick's explanation, we saw an instant change to Lexi's behavior. We assumed leadership! I also take Lexi to work and applied what I learned from Patrick, and it worked like a charm. People around my shop could see a big change in Lexi's behavior. BEST MONEY WE'VE SPENT IN A WHILE! We've already told others about Bark Busters. We couldn't be happier. Thank you for your professional help.

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Vinnie & Jacki Mastrodonato
Fort Myers

February 5 2009

I was desperate when I called Bark Busters. We have 2 dogs, a 10-year-old Jack Russell and a 2-year-old Australian shepherd. These dogs are supposed to belong to my sons, but in reality they are mine. I'm their caregiver and love them dearly. They do have some behaviors that are unacceptable by any standards. I have tried all solutions that have been suggested to me with no success. Your program requires me to change the way I interact with the dogs. However, the concepts in your program are not many. I have a lot of practicing to do in order to be consistent, but that is fine because both of my dogs responded to the techniques in a very short time.

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A. Green
Fort Myers

February 5 2009

We recommend Bark Busters. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training session.

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Linda & Daryl Walk
Fort Myers

February 4 2009

Terry took the time to explain and demonstrate as needed. Very helpful. We, as owners, had more confidence in what needed to be done and how to do it properly. I think Makani sensed that certainly (pack leader). The techniques seem to make sense, and Makani responded nicely. Terry was very patient with us. She answered many questions, brought understanding to issues and provided practice opportunities. The comfort in knowing we have a resource for any issues that may arise gives great peace of mind.

Marti McCoy

February 4 2009

Terry was wonderful!! She took the time to explain why our dogs were acting the way they were and addressed ways that we could better communicate. What we wanted was to understand each other better. Since our session, we have been doing much better and they are doing all our behaviors with us asking the correct way and them responding successfully. I feel that the frustrations on both sides are gone now that we are finally speaking the same language. Thank you, Terry!!

Dr. Kimberly Jennings, Young's Animal Hospital

February 4 2009

Photo of Kent and Kim Bracken's dog

The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. By the end of the lesson, our dog began taking to the strategies Janie shared to get him to stop barking and jumping on people. We're pleased with the natural training techniques. We like how you don't reward with treats! The training experience was very interesting! You could apply these strategies in other areas of life.

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Kent and Kim Bracken

February 3 2009

Jeri spent a lot of time explaining the techniques to us. Our dog is very stubborn, but we notice improvements each day. Jeri is quick to respond if we need her. At first I was worried we were being "mean" to Molly, but it is all about her seeing us as pack leaders. We laugh at the Baa sound. My husband describes us a family of angry sheep. Without hesitation I would recommend Jeri and bark Busters. It is well worth the money. Jeri is positive and helpful. She is helping us to succeed with Molly.

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Jennifer and John

February 3 2009

Jeri kept the training simple and easy to follow. Jeri helped correct the dogs' habit of running up the stairs after just one training session. Overall the techniques are easy to follow and yield results. Jeri made frequent visits and we kept them relatively short and focused to one or two corrections. This really helped us. We would absolutely recommend Jeri and Bark Busters!

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Manal M.

February 3 2009

Photo of Robert & Tara Thompson's dog

Keith had come to us when we were pregnant with our first child. We were concerned about how our three-year-old pit bull-Jack Russel mix, Misha, would be around our new arrival. Misha was very aggressive around other animals, did not listen to any of our commands, and was bouncing off the walls with energy. We had spoken with every trainer listed in the Yellow Pages and all except for Keith had said that Misha was a lost cause and advised us to "put her down." Keith was the only trainer that was willing to even handle such an extreme case of what other trainers marked as "red zone aggression." Within one hour, Keith had transformed our out-of-control dog. She now listens and respects our authority. We have purchased the lifetime training so that Keith can coach us on any situations we may come across as our daughter grows along with Misha. So far, the baby and Misha are best friends!

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Robert & Tara Thompson
Old Bridge

February 2 2009

Andrea made every instruction so easy to understand. I thought I would forget everything as soon as she left, but I haven't! My dogs have been different (well behaved) from the time of the lesson. I expect they are forever changed! I appreciate the offer to stay as long as needed and as often as needed to keep my dogs trained.

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Brandi Jackson/Jasper Animal Health

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