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January 20 2009

Photo of Chuck and Nancy Adkins's dog

The techniques are very effective and will be the only things that will work on our headstrong dog.

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Chuck and Nancy Adkins

January 20 2009

We made great progress with one lesson and have recommended the program to others. We have taken many dog lessons and found this system by far the best. Wished we had known about this program sooner.

Charlie Baxa

January 20 2009

Dick's verbal instructions and explanation were good. Thomas was really trying to understand. I was amazed when she followed my 'slow' walk.

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Sherry Marcear
Forest Grove

January 20 2009

My dog, Porche, is responding much better to voice commands. I had tried other trainers but felt they really didn't understand dogs at all.

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Jan Tatom

January 20 2009

Great trainer! We learned SO much and are grateful to Robin.

Merry Noble

January 20 2009

We observed noticeable results by the end of the training. We were pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters -- better than treat-based.

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Aysel Marsella

January 20 2009

Jeri was very knowledgeable and professional.

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Lisa and Joe K.

January 19 2009

We were able to get him to sit and stay (not jump on people) when our neighbors rang the bell and came in. It was very "empowering" to be able to control a 70-pound Lab. Joanne was very professional, personable, and focused on our goals.

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Janel Connell

January 19 2009

Everything made sense, and Rambo wasn't barking by the end of the lesson. Brian does like dogs and he is very positive. I have to deal with my fear of being bitten, but Brian is helping me with that. I am looking forward to further lessons with Brian.

Shira B.
Golden, Colorado

January 19 2009

I work at Fox Hollow Animal Hospital and will be telling everyone they should call Brian! We saw an amazing transformation in all 5 of our dogs within the first half hour of training. I was so pleased that there was no physical punishment involved and it really got down to a dogs basic mentality. Brian was a wonderful teacher and was very patient with us. It was a very interesting and enjoyable time. Very Happy Customer! :)

Darcy Holloway (Fox Hollow Animal Hospital Employe
Lakewood, Colorado

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