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September 8 2008

You have taken away many of our anxieties in the first visit. We want Suki to be a happy dog in our human world, we realize that we all have to work at it and think like her so she feels part of the family.

Bert Delgado

September 8 2008

We had success today with her morning and evening walks! This morning I had to use the water bottle a few times and she stopped a lot, but we did make it to the entrance of Oak Knoll. Tonight I hardly had to correct her at all and she "pranced" to the end of the street. I feel very optimistic! Thank you for your help.

Amy & Alan Goldstein

September 8 2008

We would have no problem dogs if all the owners were trained by this method. Nikki Winchell is just great. It was good to have someone work with our specific problem.

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September 8 2008

Lisa explained the training techniques in a helpful way that was easy to follow and understand. It was extremely rewarding for me to see the changes in Scooter after just a two-hour session. Lisa did a fantastic job helping both me and Scooter understand expectations. I had used Bark Busters before and was pleasantly surprised by the enhancements to the training methods. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors.

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Kathy Cianciolo

September 7 2008

Katherine is great to work with.

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Bob L.

September 5 2008

Jim did an excellent job explaining the training techniques and setting expectations of time frame for behavior changes. He has a wonderful way of incorporating his love for dogs into the training. Chloe responded immediately to the training.

Marci D.

September 5 2008

Just want to thank Patrick from Bark Busters. What he was able to do with Cleveland was amazing. It is as if we have a new dog and home. These guys really know what they are doing.

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Josh and Gail
Fort Myers

September 5 2008

Photo of Julia and Josh's dog

Greg is a fabulous trainer and we would recommend him to anyone who is having dog issues. Our two dogs were not getting along and no one was happy -- animals or humans! Greg taught us to be the leader of "the pack" and we have made amazing progress with our dogs. Greg is very professional, knowledgeable and committed to finding the right solution to your pet issues. We were worried that we were going to have to find a new home for one of our dogs but thanks to Greg's help the dogs are getting along great...and they are much better-behaved dogs as well!

Julia and Josh

September 5 2008

Photo of Shannon Krumme's dog

I would recommend Bark Busters due to how the one-on-one allows for less distractions. The natural training is excellent -- the BAH works so much better than "No." I saw results on the first lesson, though Cressa (my dog) still needs practice. Trainer, Deb Boswell, was very nice and did a good job explaining and demonstrating.

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Shannon Krumme
All Creatures Small Animal Hospital

September 4 2008

Photo of Michelle Flood's dog

This was my second time using Bark Busters. The first time was with my dog, Chink, and the results were so dramatic that we made the cover of the Bark Busters national newsletter, Tips 'n' Tails (July '08). I thought I knew what to expect with my other dog, Nadi, but Doug managed to amaze me again.

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Michelle Flood

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