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September 2 2008

Dear Bruce, Thank you again for making it so easy to train Luke. As you said, when the training is not working don't hesitate to call you back. I am so pleased Michael chose Bark Busters Dog Training. ~ For you to come back like this and correct Luke's behavior in a very short amount of time was a miracle. You not only explained in human language with analogies, but you also used dog language that could be understood, and how Luke relates to the human language. ~ The baah has worked since you left me with the tools to train him and is continuing to work. It was a pleasure for the very first time in over a year and a half, to take him for the walk, although I think it is a bit stressful on him since he has lead everything and everywhere in the past, he has obeyed with one Baah each time he acted on other dogs, and other situations. ~ He again has responded with the baah when he hears someone outside and begins barking. One baah and it stops. The headache is gone. ~ When I come downstairs from the bedroom, and he is jumping on the furniture, excited to see me coming, I use the baah and he stops. ~ As I told you, he goes a bit out of control to say the least when seeing other dogs, but after seeing you, that has stopped. One tug back with the baah and he didn't do anything when he saw the other dogs. ~ When I would stop and tell him it was okay, he would walk around the area cautiously, but he then responded back to me when I did the baah. ~ When again I stopped, let him smell around, he did just what you said, he moved his bowels. He came back to me as soon as I did the baah. ~ I can't tell you what a joy it has been for me the entire day since you left. It is amazing since the first time your wife was here and gave Michael and Jessica these tools to work with, how he remembered each and every one. ~ Michael and Jessica will see the change in Luke immediately and I am sure continue his training until it is natural for Luke to obey and still be given much love. ~ I now know he will no longer jump on me when I arrive. I know he will no longer jump on the sliding glass doors because he is upset that I put him outside, and he won't be jumping on guests when they visit. ~ What a joy. He has given me such headaches, but that is in the past. Thank you so much.


September 1 2008

Patrick did a great job giving instruction, providing suggestions and answering questions. We would recommend Bark Busters because we were amazed at how well our dog responded to the training. Within a matter of minutes we saw drastic changes in his behavior. We are pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. The Bark Busters program is easy to follow. We are learning how to be better leaders and we look forward to continued success.

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Stephen & Cyrstal Ledford
Fort Myers

September 1 2008

Patrick gave good examples and analogies when explaining the training techniques. I was pleased that it [the natural training techniques] wasn't punishment, but more positive. I felt it [the Bark Busters method] is something I can manage. By the end of the lesson, Max was following my commands. With Bark Busters, I have obtained ideas I can use.

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Sue McCullough
Fort Myers

September 1 2008

EXCELLENT! AMAZING! I have already told all my co-workers about the puppies' behavior after one lesson. Thank you!

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Leslie & Dick King
Cape Coral

August 31 2008

My shepherd mix, Echo, was having some minor behavioral issues that were beginning to become major issues. Not only did Echo need to be trained but I also needed to be taught how to properly train and handle my dog. Gerard did a wonderful job teach Echo and me to get her behavior under control. Gerard would meet me pretty much where ever and when ever I wanted which made things very easy. I would recommend Gerard to anyone who wants to train their dog.


August 31 2008

Jim explained the training techniques clearly and we were amazed and delighted at the difference in our dogs in just our first session. We are very impressed with Jim. He is knowledgeable, helpful and a real pleasure to work with. We will recommend him to friends and neighbors.

Kathy and Gary V.

August 31 2008

Photo of Nicole Cook's dog

Justin has been a great help in training my 5-month-old Rottweiler. My puppy and both needed the basics down and Justin was a joy to train with. We've only been training for a couple of months and already my little Rottie walks with me, instead of pulling me. I'm glad I called bark busters. And would recommend Bark Busters as well as Justin to any dog owner. This style of training was everything I hoped for and more. With Justin as my trainer I know that if i have any issues that I can depend on him to be just a phone call away to help. ~ Justin is a wonderful trainer. He's down to earth and really easy to get along with. My dog loves him, and I can really tell he enjoys his job. He's been so helpful with getting me and my dog into shape with all of my dog/puppy concerns. I'm glad he's part of your team. He shows great joy in his work and I'm very pleased that I called your company. ~ Thank you, Justin and Bark Busters.

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Nicole Cook
Lemon Grove

August 30 2008

We noticed results right away. This was very enlightening, educational & enjoyable.

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Nicole G.
Barrington, Illinois

August 29 2008

I found Scot a real pleasure to work with. He spent the time with me and my family and answered all of our questions. He made the whole learning process really enjoyable.

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Shannon & Prav Mathur
West Springfield

August 28 2008

Because of Bark Busters, I no longer get complaints about my dog's barking. The difference was amazing.

Helen Werner
Port Chester

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