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December 2 2008

I see a big difference in Damien's behavior. I know how to handle his growling now.

Theresa Vanderheyden
Clinton Twp.

December 2 2008

Very thorough, patient and allowed time for us to ask all of our questions. We still have a ways to go but we are pleased with the results in just two hours of instruction. We felt as if we were receiving instructions from a friend or family member. I would recommend John to anyone. He is also highly recommended by our veterinarian.

Joe Delegato
Harrison Twp.

December 2 2008

Patrick was great! He explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors.

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Grace & Ed Kubel
Fort Myers

December 2 2008

Our trainer explained things in a way that was easy to follow and understand. He also accommodated my hearing impairment with more hands-on demonstration. I was surprised by the noticeable results I saw by the end of the training lesson. The lesson was very interesting and enjoyable. My friends with larger dogs would really benefit [from Bark Busters]. I recommend Bark Busters. I have worked on the training skills every day. A big difference with just one Bark Busters lesson.

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Cheryl Breen
Fort Myers

December 2 2008

My husband and I were SO worried we would have to give up our rescue dog, Molly. She was behaving very aggressively towards male visitors, even though she was completely sweet with us. When Bob arrived at our house, we feared she was going to bite him! But after only ONE session with Bob, and 2 weeks of us following his instructions, our Molly was a different dog. When Bob re-visited, Molly greeted him as a good friend. We are so impressed with Bark Busters. Maril has also helped me out with verbal advice at a time when a home visit was not something I felt I needed. I know Bob and Maril are both there for us--and our dog--whenever. I love the concept of home visits as well: total convenience!

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Nancy Erickson

December 2 2008

It was such a relief to feel in control again. I can't believe what a difference a few hours could make. Our household is peaceful once again!

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Annemarie Chiappetti
Orland Park

December 2 2008

I like the fact that no treats are used for the purpose of training. It makes sense to look at things from Rex's perspective. It also makes me feel secure to know that Bark Busters is "on board" for the life of my dog.

Vicki Gordon
Mount Clemens

December 1 2008

Photo of Robin McIntyre's dog

John was very positive and encouraging. After training I felt more in control of my dog and more confident in my ability to maintain control in future situations.

Robin McIntyre

December 1 2008

The presentation was put together well. I like the fact that I was trained on how to train my own dog. Immediate improvement was shown in the way she was not pulling when being walked on lead via use of the techniques taught. The training techniques seem more humane and more effective. My puppy (Labrador retriever) seems to be happy to be trained. I'm looking forward to more training and learning new techniques to train my dog. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors.

Andrew A.

December 1 2008

Our miniature pinscher, "Spike," was noticeably less aggressive after the first session and a completely different dog after 2 weeks! The Bark Busters collars are much more humane than other collars and I liked that there is NO corporal punishment. After listening and watching Dick demonstrate the training methods, it all makes complete sense. Our dogs now look to us to lead all aspects of their lives. Not only is my family happier but so are my dogs!!

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Robin and Paul Choruby

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