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October 15 2008

Bark Busters was recommended by a friend who had great results with her dogs. I would happily recommend Bark Busters to others!

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Amy Edwards

October 15 2008

John was great and explained things and put forth training techniques that was easy to follow and understand. Our dog, Chloe, was doing things that we couldn't have accomplished without Bark Busters. It was nice to see the natural training and how it worked. The training experience was absolutely interesting and enjoyable.

Donna P.
Macomb Twp.

October 15 2008

John related how the behavior fit in with pack behavior. I did see an immediate difference but also see the need for me to be a leader not her. I like the ideas of homework, handouts, and written instructions along with the lifetime service guarantee.

Carolynn B.
Shelby Twp.

October 15 2008

Excellent system of training. It works!!! Easy to follow.

Cindy Acari
Washington Twp.

October 15 2008

It teaches you how to teach your dog, instead of someone doing it for you. Program works great!! Very pleased! John's follow-up made a big difference.

J. W. Emery
Shelby Twp.

October 15 2008

John Made it very easy to control my dogs, Baron & Daffney. Results came in the 1st 15 minutes. I can't believe that the dogs ran my life when it's so easy to control them. Came home today and worked for 20 minutes with both dogs. I'm getting pretty good at this.

Christine Exbly
Fair Haven

October 15 2008

John is very knowledgeable in his field. Lola actually began to listen as if the words were magic. Amazing!!! John is patient and I enjoyed the presentation. As I said, he is amazing. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off me. John taught me so much about dogs, I think I know Lola much better now. I feel this company is good for everyone, and for those that are handicapped, it is especially good because they come to your home. You get a personal trainer that fits the program to your needs. The structure of the program is amazing.

Mellisa Hamama
Clinton Twp.

October 15 2008

We recommend Bark Busters -- definitely!! A day and night difference in just 3 hrs. I wish we would have done this before going to an ineffective conventional class. The conventional class had us pinning our dog down; we felt as if we were being mean. No yelling with Bark Busters. Our 5-month-old dog was such a terror on paws we felt hopeless before Bark Busters. Now we have a truly confident feeling of control. It is very convenient, very effective and worth every dollar. With the lifetime guarantee, how can you go wrong I don't know anyone else that offers that.

Irene Hanson

October 15 2008

John Moyses is an excellent dog therapist, who is soft spoken and remains calm at all times. The techniques were simple, easy to learn and produced quick results. I am looking forward to practicing the new techniques with our dog, Bailey.

Clare Hartfelder
Shelby Twp.

October 15 2008

Excellent examples and clarification when explaining the training techniques. Both dogs, two puggles, already exhibited definite behavioral changes. It's great that the techniques did not cause pain to the pets. My husband and I were very impressed with Patrick's presentation, and we are happy to refer Bark Busters.

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Patty & Garrett Gardi

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