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July 12 2008

Vicky is wonderful! So patient and confident in training our dogs. Before I called Bark Busters, I was at my wit's end. By the third visit, my dogs were under control. Vicky has such a positive attitude. I would highly recommend Bark Busters for in-home dog training.

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Nancy O'Connor

July 11 2008

Photo of Phil & Carly Havlik's dog

Bark Busters gave us a ton of practical, natural techniques that seemed to provide much more results than any other trainings we have tried. It was great. Very informative and really hit to getting an understanding of why the behaviors occur. We had really been pulling our hair out with dome of her behaviors. But this seem to get right to the heart of the matter in an efficient manner.

Phil & Carly Havlik

July 11 2008

John was extremely clear, patient and sensitive to us and our dog and very patient in taking feedback. There was immediate improvement and she is obeying us much better! We absolutely recommend John and Bark Busters!

Tanya A.

July 11 2008

I was rather nervous, but John was very patient easy to talk to and understand. The improvement was immediate even though she is 4 years old. I was worried she may be too old to train. I was very pleased that the techniques were not harsh, abusive or physical. Everyone is very impressed with the changes in Ginger. I have already told several people how wonderful this training technique is and how well it worked with Ginger!

A. Smith

July 10 2008

I would highly recommend Bark Busters for unruly dogs. I am working with my dog, and each day she is considerably better. Thank you!

Kim Cirillo
New Rochelle

July 10 2008

Katherine made us feel comfortable which reflected the actions of the dog. The second visit re-enforced our 1st training day. As we were the ones being trained, I found a lot of what I knew was correct and learned valuable new things.

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Mike C.

July 10 2008

Photo of Alan and Laketa Case's dog

Alan and I are really impressed by the improvement in Wyatt. Larry makes it so easy to learn. Wyatt seems to enjoy the lesson with little or no stress. We would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to have a happy home with their pets.

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Alan and Laketa Case

July 8 2008

This is an approach that is quite different, easy to implement and nurturing for our dog-mom relationship. We like the fact that it's pack-based but not "dominance-based" -- not "you have to show 'em who's boss," but just behaving like the boss dog. Our little dog was confused because the rules were new, but he was clearly willing to cooperate. We would recommend Bark Busters without question.

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Maggie N.

July 8 2008

We have been very impressed, particularly with the "Lifetime Guarantee." We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters -- David Wiley took time to explain things carefully and well.

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Priscilla M.

July 8 2008

David approaches his clients in a very professional, warm, approachable and patient manner. We will definitely recommend his services to others!

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Ed & Nancy M.

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