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September 29 2008

Willy responded quickly to the techniques, especially the "growl." The whole behavioral -- think like a dog -- is great.

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Lorraine Bara

September 26 2008

I enjoy Jeri's visits. I work well with her approach.

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Michelle S.

September 26 2008

In the minimal amount of time I've been able to commit to the training thus far, I've seen positive changes in the dogs' behavior.

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Karen R.

September 26 2008

Maril was very calm, & she took the time to explain everything fully. Our high energy Lola was so calm & submissive by the end of our first training, it was amazing! Maril is a wonderful human & dog trainer. If Maril can help us with our dogs, she can help anyone! My husband and I are so impressed with Maril, Bob & Bark Busters. What an amazing company & what amazing people they are!

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Kim & Mike Yakima

September 26 2008

Bob is knowledgeable, a good trainer, gave us good tips and is willing to go the extra mile.

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David & Shannon Maloney

September 26 2008

So glad we called you! I've already recommended Bark Busters to friends! (Godot, 10-yr-old Lab Chow mix)

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Ingrid and Jorge Lopez

September 25 2008

All of the techniques were easy to follow and were explained thoroughly. We saw great results from our dog, Marley, (English bulldog) by the end of the first session. Honestly, I did not think he could be trained, but we were pleasantly surprised. We were pleased with the natural training methods. There were no harsh techniques involved, just direct commands. We were overjoyed that Marley was obeying our commands right away. We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Our trainer, John Sullivan, did a tremendous job and made our training very easy to understand.

Jamie R.

September 25 2008

Great training program -- and I like the 2-session approach (reinforcement, correction, encouragement).

Alice Osgood

September 25 2008

Photo of Helen Imber's dog

I saw results virtually immediately which motivated ME immediately. I especially liked the non-punitive positive techniques and I love how my dog wants me to be the leader!

Helen Imber

September 24 2008

We saw immediate results. No physical harm or loud voices were used in the training. We are so pleased and so amazed at the wonderful improvement in only a week's time. Doug has called and we appreciate his follow up, and we feel at ease about calling him.

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Pat and Jan Butler

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