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June 24 2008

The trainers was excellent.

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Mary Jo Tellier

June 24 2008

Betsy and Kathy both clearly explained how my dog reacts to my behavior. After the first session, there was an amazing difference with my dog in his behavior & countenance and made a more relaxing household!! I was extremely please and had lots of fun with the training. I would recommend Bark Busters to everyone who has dogs or who is interested in dogs. I've had 2 trainers here prior to Bark Busters. #1 wanted to put dog down and #2 was somewhat effective, minor improvement. But Bark Busters trainers, Betsy & Kathy, caused the most effective training & explanations. I will definitely be open for you to refer others to me for testimonial.

Kaye Ryan

June 23 2008

All I can say is "Thank you." I was amazed to see results the very first night.

Jodi Cohen
Staten Island

June 23 2008

The techniques were explained clearly and then reinforced by demonstration and practice. I was very happy with this procedure. We were very impressed that we saw immediate results and feel confident that with practice will see more improvement. I felt that the techniques were sensible, gentle and effective at the same time and something we can do easily ourselves. We felt relaxed and that the session was productive and enjoyable. We would recommend Bark Busters without hesitation. We are looking forward to applying the techniques and continuing our training with Sushi and Spanky.

Kelly and Bill Marshall
Staten Island

June 23 2008

Photo of Ben & Suzanne Currier's dog

Becky's love of animals and her knowledge and experience really shine through. We felt comfortable working with her immediately.

Ben & Suzanne Currier

June 23 2008

We really enjoyed it. It was a two-hour session and seemed like 10 minutes. What was said made so much sense. It really got me thinking. We saw results on the first session, for example we could not eat without putting Gator in her kennel, now we can eat in peace. Thanks for your help.

Steve Patchen and Cathy Delong

June 23 2008

We will recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors.

Pam Ginsburg, Abby and Paul Mutchler

June 23 2008

I experienced immediate behavioral changes in my dog after just one training session.

Lori S.
Lakewood, Colorado

June 23 2008

We had two sessions with Vito and Benji is unbelievably improved. His barking was way out of control when we came home or had him in the car. He is now a joy to take with us.

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Judy W.

June 22 2008

I thought my dog would never change, but the training is truly amazing. No one can believe it's the same dog.

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Paula Person

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