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June 13 2008

Very informative, easy to remember commands. Cheryl was great, she gave us a different perspective on training.

Brooke D.

June 13 2008

Cheryl had great ideas that were practical and effective. Cheryl was very pleasant and easy to work with.

Mark M.
Bowling Green

June 13 2008

Techniques were very understandable. Cheryl really explained the reasoning behind the techniques, which made them easier to follow. Jackson is a very dominant dog; he normally pulls us all over. By the end of the lesson, he was looking to us for instruction. I was amazed by the change. ~ This was a very personal training experience that adressed ALL of Jackson's problems.

Serena L.

June 13 2008

I already have talked about this training to several other people. Cheryl does an excellent training routine and is very helpful.

Marjorie P.
Bowling Green

June 13 2008

Cheryl allowed us to ask questions! Wonderful! Oh my I noticed results! I am thrilled!

Carole S.

June 13 2008

We learned a lot! The techniques were not harmful. That was a relaxing factor for us. So much info that we were not aware of.

Ron and Monica R.

June 13 2008

Training was easy to understand -- saw results immediately!!

Linda and Dan D.

June 13 2008

After having my dog only two weeks, I was ready to return her to the rescue group due to extreme behavioral issues. Justin arrived and saved the day for my dog and me! In under 2 hours, I was given positive techniques to cut off unacceptable behaviors, and shown how to be a leader for my dog. How amazing it was to see her catch herself and stop her own urge to nip! After the lesson, I was confident that I have a great dog that will become a wonderful companion.

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Cela Nash, referred by Coastal German Shepherd Res
San Diego

June 13 2008

The training techniques were so easy to understand and very easy to implement. Otis, my St. Bernard, would NEVER heel before, but by the end of the session, he heeled and is even better today! I was very pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. Never has training been easier. The experience was extremely interesting -- especially to see the changes minute by minute! I recommend Bark Busters everyday. The experience was wonderful and is so easy to follow through with daily. I had a very large dog with bad behavior. By the time Lisa left, he was a different dog!!!

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Joni Hoffman

June 12 2008

The training was straightforward and based on natural behavior. Right from the first session, Remington was waiting for me to walk out the door first and let me answer the door without any yelling or treats! I definitely recommend Bark Busters to all my friends with dogs!

Paul H.

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