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July 15 2008

We have a year and half old miniature poodle, Buster, that we needed help with in many areas. Kristyn has been an absolute godsend. On our daily walk a few days ago, a large pit bull got out of his yard and came charging down the street toward us. My first impression was to panic, but I heard Kristyn's voice in my ear saying, "Stand up as tall as you can and yell "Bah" as loud and deep as you can," which I did. I had a squirt bottle of water with me to help in the training and when the dog got 3-4 feet from us I yelled and squirted! He skidded to a stop. He then started toward us again and I repeated everything. He stopped, waited a few seconds, started whining, and turned around and left. So even when she's not here physically, Kristyn is still training "me."

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Barbara Bennett

July 15 2008

Photo of Pam Fromhertz's dog

Becky did a great job. It is nice to have fun with my dog while training.

Pam Fromhertz

July 14 2008

We have a stubborn, spoiled dog. We will recommend Bark Busters.

Paul and Susan Root

July 14 2008

One word for this training: AMAZING! The results were amazing, beyond noticeable! The techniques are easy and effective. I was concerned and stressed at first, but that went away as the training progressed. I've already recommended Jeri and Bark Busters to everyone who would listen! Jeri was great! Friends visiting the next day wanted to know where my dogs were as these couldn't be the same dogs! They said visiting was actually pleasant. A huge change in 24 hours! I can't say enough positive things about Jeri and the training.

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Kate H.

July 14 2008

The training was easy to follow with explanations, demonstrations and hands on practice. We are pleased with the natural training since no physical or painful methods were used to achieve our goals. Understanding the why and action of Apollo's behavior brings more joy for ourselves and our Doberman.

Comstock Park, Michigan

July 13 2008

I like this gentler method b/c my dogs are sensitive. Any one can do it !

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Clare H.
Katy, Texas

July 12 2008

Vicky is wonderful! So patient and confident in training our dogs. Before I called Bark Busters, I was at my wit's end. By the third visit, my dogs were under control. Vicky has such a positive attitude. I would highly recommend Bark Busters for in-home dog training.

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Nancy O'Connor

July 11 2008

Photo of Phil & Carly Havlik's dog

Bark Busters gave us a ton of practical, natural techniques that seemed to provide much more results than any other trainings we have tried. It was great. Very informative and really hit to getting an understanding of why the behaviors occur. We had really been pulling our hair out with dome of her behaviors. But this seem to get right to the heart of the matter in an efficient manner.

Phil & Carly Havlik

July 11 2008

John was extremely clear, patient and sensitive to us and our dog and very patient in taking feedback. There was immediate improvement and she is obeying us much better! We absolutely recommend John and Bark Busters!

Tanya A.

July 11 2008

I was rather nervous, but John was very patient easy to talk to and understand. The improvement was immediate even though she is 4 years old. I was worried she may be too old to train. I was very pleased that the techniques were not harsh, abusive or physical. Everyone is very impressed with the changes in Ginger. I have already told several people how wonderful this training technique is and how well it worked with Ginger!

A. Smith

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