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April 26 2008

The training was enjoyable and informative, and we saw noticeable results by the end of the first session. We liked the natural training techniques and will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to neighbors and friends.

Anthony and Carlann G.

April 25 2008

Jodi is great! I have already referred several of my clients from my veterinary clinic.

Kristine A. Sands-Hoehener, DVM, Apopka Veterinary
-Hoehener, DVM, Apopka Veterinary Clinic

April 25 2008

Our dog was noticeably calmer with the doorbell and did exactly as she was told when we opened the door!! Neighbors were surprised by changes in behavior of the dog.

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A. Lynn

April 25 2008

I think Joanne Rice does a great job and that she has a natural way with dogs. She was very thorough. I could see them responding.

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Cindy Fewell

April 25 2008

Joanne was very professional and great to work with. Even during our initial training, Rex showed substantial improvement. We are very pleased.

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S. Tumlin

April 25 2008

Photo of Karen and Angie B.'s dog

Jim was very helpful and informative in explaining the techniques to us. We saw AMAZING results immediately with all four of all dogs----reduction in barking, no sibling rivalry or aggression between the dogs, and their overall behavior was improved. We were pleased by the natural training techniques that Bark Busters uses and we were so happy to know that we don't have to hit the dogs in order to control them. The training was enjoyable and we look forward to Jim's follow-up visits as we have learned so much from the training. We will highly recommend Jim and Bark Busters to friends, co-workers and neighbors as we are so happy with the results. The dogs are much happier as well. Thanks!

Karen and Angie B.

April 25 2008

Ryan was great!! Very friendly, fun & interesting - he may have just saved our marriage!! On day one after training, we see a noticeable difference in how By-Tor listens to us - it's amazing. Thank you!!

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Mary P.
Colorado Springs

April 25 2008

Brian is a miracle worker!

Kristen K.
Lakewood, Colorado

April 24 2008

There was a very thorough orientation prior to working with the dogs. The barking and biting stopped - by both dogs. No treats required = healthier for my dogs. The training was excellent, but frustrating - my dogs learned faster than I did! With results in the first session, and the fact that the contract is transferable, I recommend Bark Busters. I finally have my home back - visitors can visit without biting or barking dogs. (ShyAnn & Samson, rescue Papillions)

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Barbara Doyle

April 23 2008

Photo of Brooke Griffin's dog

Becky went step-by-step and always repeated when needed. She was very positive. It was amazing! On our 2nd attempt practicing with our dog, she was obeying like never before! It was very fun. Becky addressed each of our needs individually and thoroughly. We really enjoyed Becky's personality. She was genuine, positive and fun to be with.

Brooke Griffin

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