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June 17 2008

The program is very simple and easy to understand. John was extremely knowledgeable and kind to my dog Shiloh. I had such a great time during the training and the time went by so quickly. It was exciting watching the progress made by Shiloh, my husband and myself in such a short period of time.

Kim Turner

June 17 2008

Molly began responding to us instantly! Any dog can do this!

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Barbara K.
Palatine, Illinois

June 16 2008

Photo of Susan Wandishin's dog

Walking through the techniques with Becky's guidance and observation helped immensely. The dogs were very attentive to me by the end of the session. I would recommend Bark Busters just for the fact that is is a flat fee for all of the services provided. Also, Becky is wonderful. The most valuable part to me was the time Becky spent watching ME work with the dogs and advising how to best train.

Susan Wandishin

June 16 2008

Nikki explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand and made everything make sense seeing it from the dog's perspective. We saw improvements during the training with ourselves and with Bailey. We were pleased with the natural training techniques because it doesn't change the personality of Bailey, which was a concern of ours going into the process. The training was definitely interesting and enjoyable. Nikki is very easy going and helped us make changes! We would recommend Bark Busters because you can see the results right away and it changed my attitude too. I was no longer nervous almost immediately. THANK YOU!

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Kendra Gefke

June 16 2008

Jim has been very pleasant to work with and has a lot of patience and he explained the training techniques clearly. I was pleased with the natural training techniques, and I didn't realize how much training I needed, rather than my dog. I will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to others.

Marilyn Matelski

June 16 2008

Jim explained the training techniques clearly and it was easy to understand and to implement. I saw unbelievable results with my dog at the first visit. Bella and I had fun and we both learned a lot. I will definitely recommend Jim and Bark Busters to everyone I know!

Lee B.

June 16 2008

Excellent training program! Amazing results!!

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Mary Burkhart

June 13 2008

We would definitely recommend Bark Busters. In just a few days, we're seeing progress. Patrick made an excellent presentation. The visuals used were very helpful and we like having the "Quick Reference Training Reminder" pamphlet and training instructions. We were pleased to be introduced to techniques that do not "punish" by physical means or reward with food treats. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training. We particularly noticed a change when answering the door. Sarah Lee (our Havanese) showed potential, as did Larry and Barbara! We learned a lot about the nature of the "pack." We liked that our therapist let us know exactly what to expect and how much work would be involved in "retraining" our 6-year-old dog who is very set in her ways.

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Barbara & Larry Blocker
Fort Myers

June 13 2008

AMAZING!!! It will be convenient not to have to carry treats. This training can be applied to other dogs and it's worth the $$. Would have fun at a Bark Busters get-together type of practice class or a BB obedience competitions.

Julie C.

June 13 2008

It's effective!!

Jim W.

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