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April 6 2008

I love the 100% Guarantee and the true interest that Michelle shows with her follow ups. I highly recommend this training to all of my clients. Very happy with results.

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Dr Diane Stenzler, Pearl River Animal Hospital
Pearl River, NY

April 6 2008

Patrick sat down with us and explained everything. He did not move on until he knew we understood the training techniques. We noticed results by the end of the training. Our family dog was showing us a new found respect as the pack leader within 2 hours. We were pleased with the natural training used by Bark Busters. All the techniques were hands off and effective. We learned a lot about dogs in a short time. We went through several exercises that were effective immediately. We would recommend Bark Busters. As long as we continue practicing the training taught by Patrick, our dog's behavior improves every day. Patrick did a fantastic job and we would recommend him to EVERY dog owner.

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Matt & Marlo Gleeson
Fort Myers

April 6 2008

Doug did a great job taking time with my wife and I when we needed extra attention with certain techniques. We couldn't believe the difference by the end of the first session. The training was easy to understand, quick to implement, and the dogs responded quickly!

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Matthew Smith

April 6 2008

In the past two years, I have worked with four trainers and a behavioral specialist, each with different methods, but my dog was not receptive to them. I was told that I needed to have him put on medication to control his aggression. My vet recommended Bark Busters and he responded instantly to their methods. They resolved all of his behavior issues in less than two hours.

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Michelle Flood

April 6 2008

I learned a great deal and had fun just seeing the results. Very pleasant experience. I liked everything about it.

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Richard Lay and Marlene Zimmerman

April 6 2008

Felt the instructions were easy to follow and Jim and Lorie really know their "stuff."

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Elizabeth Surh

April 6 2008

I was very surprised at how easy it was. Lemony was attentive and focused. The training techniques were very effective. I was very pleased throughout the training that he was responding so well. I have already recommended Karen and Alan to friends and family members.

Melissa Johnston
Glen Mills

April 6 2008

Lola was picking up the training very quickly. I was amazed at how quickly it worked! After Karen and Alan left, she has continued to remember things that evening. After the trainers left , someone rang the doorbell, she barked once instead of constantly barking and she did not run to the door, which is already a huge improvement!

Amanda Quigley

April 6 2008

Gail is very patient, calm and easy to follow explaining the training techniques. As to our dog, Cyrus, he senses an immediate change and sometimes sulks after our training visits. We were absolutely pleased with the natural training techniques. Removing treat emphasis empowers us to be more effective parent owners. We definitely found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. Gail's attitude and style make it a pleasure to learn from her. The Bark Busters training philosophy is unique and simple and effective. We're happy customers and we're recommending Gail and Bark Busters at our local dog park.

Vanessa Arce

April 5 2008

We've seen great progress that makes us believers in the method. Most barking has definitely been busted! Our boys are like 2 new dogs!

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Shelly & Chad N.

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