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June 13 2008

Cheryl was endlessly patient, kind and considerable. My dog had been rushed by an off-leash dog -- I had poor control before the lesson -- much better after. The vocal tones takes getting used to. found the experience enjoyable and interesting. I would recommend BB. I GOT RESULTS!!

Steve G.

June 13 2008

Cheryl was very friendly and great with my puppy.

Liza C.

June 13 2008

Chery was very through-gave me the time I needed and explained and showed me until I felt comfortable. I was amazed at the quick results. I was very pleased with Bark Busters. I found the training enjoyable and Cheryl was very knowledgeable.

Debbie S.
Point Place

June 13 2008

I was very surprised how fast the puppy responded.

Danette L.

June 13 2008

I most definitely saw results. I learned more about understanding how dogs react to human commands. Body language was a good learning experience.

Heather B.

June 13 2008

Very informative, easy to remember commands. Cheryl was great, she gave us a different perspective on training.

Brooke D.

June 13 2008

Cheryl had great ideas that were practical and effective. Cheryl was very pleasant and easy to work with.

Mark M.
Bowling Green

June 13 2008

Techniques were very understandable. Cheryl really explained the reasoning behind the techniques, which made them easier to follow. Jackson is a very dominant dog; he normally pulls us all over. By the end of the lesson, he was looking to us for instruction. I was amazed by the change. ~ This was a very personal training experience that adressed ALL of Jackson's problems.

Serena L.

June 13 2008

I already have talked about this training to several other people. Cheryl does an excellent training routine and is very helpful.

Marjorie P.
Bowling Green

June 13 2008

Cheryl allowed us to ask questions! Wonderful! Oh my I noticed results! I am thrilled!

Carole S.

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