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May 24 2008

Photo of C. Karr's dog

Simply put: worth EVERY penny. In my case this worked a miracle, defusing a very difficult situation between two of my dogs... and I have 15 dogs. Bark Busters is great and made a huge difference in the quality of our lives.

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C. Karr
Fort Myers

May 24 2008

I love the concept of emulating the typical dog responses. I am very pleased, and I had fun. My mom and several others have commented on how calm the dogs are. Not only did they know commands and what to expect in any given situation, they are more at peace with understanding their role in my pack.

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Kim Kapp

May 23 2008

I was very surprised how my dog changed. I was very pleased and learned a lot. I realized I needed more training than the dog. My dog is a stubborn Dachshund, but she is submissive when I use the training techniques. I'm really enjoying my dog.

Marilyn Schumacher

May 23 2008

I was amazed at how quickly my dog responded. As predicted by John, she was completely exhausted by the end of the session due to all the thinking we made her do. I love the natural training techniques and know that I understand my dog better. Thank you.

Janice Darif

May 23 2008

John was wonderful with explaining and showing us the training techniques. By the end of training the dogs were such good listeners. We were impressed how they could pick up on what the proper behavior was so fast. The techniques were easy to do and so effective. We were shocked how the natural techniques worked so well. John was great and did a fantastic job with helping us and the dogs! He was kind and patient the whole time. He made the experience good for our whole family. He helped us understand our dogs and answered our million questions. He made learning fun for us and our doggies.

Paul & Mary Kreiner

May 23 2008

The training experience was enjoyable because it took place in my own home and my dog was the main focus -- not a group of dogs. I observed noticeable results immediately! I'm so thrilled!

Barb B

May 23 2008

Robin was wonderful. She made it very easy for us newbies to animal ownership to understand what we need to do. By the end of the first lesson, we were leading our dog on the walk instead of him pulling us. My husband, who was very skeptical about a "dog trainer," could not say enough about how impressed he was with Robin and the immediate results. Thank you sooo much!

Laura Hales

May 22 2008

Great presentation and visuals... My dog could heel and respond to verbal commands at the end of the session and some practice...Leigh Ann is easy to talk with and very friendly... Bark Busters gets an immediate response. This is a great program. I am happy that my dog will be learning without fear.

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Bonnie Carn

May 22 2008

Amazing! My dog, Hartley, is a dominant/aggressive basenji. This has been the only thing that has ever worked for myself and him. It is like having a different dog. Sanity was restored. I now have a dog that is a pet and a source of enjoyment rather than a menace. Thank you, Bark Busters!

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June Barthelemy

May 22 2008

From the moment Annette stepped out of the car, I was amazed. The results from the outset of training to the end, I again was amazed. Bark Buster techniques are very informative and simple to understand. Lacey's responsiveness was immediate this past week, although our little girl may need a follow-up session.

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Donna Saitta
Lady Lake

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