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May 6 2008

It's been about a week and Dreyfus is like a new pup. Vicky taught us how to train him. He no longer jumps up on people, no longer counter surfs and doesn't chew on everything like a termite! He still has a few more things to learn but I see remarkable progress everyday!! Vicky is an angel. If you are having problems with your pup, please contact Bark Busters. You will shocked at the change in your dog; no more bad behavior and it is easy to do. No shock collars, no yelling or smacking. Just vocalizations. Your pup will be happy because you are happy!!

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Tracy Marsden
Oak Forest

May 5 2008

Mr. Machi has enthusiastically participated in the Elias Bernstein Intermediate School 7 Career Day for the last three years. He has given up his time to speak with the students, providing invaluable knowledge about his career as a dog trainer for Bark Busters. He is among the favorites at our school, and both staff and students alike look forward to his presentation each and every time. Based on his interactions and patience with adolescents and adults asking many questions about their dogs, I can see how truly wonderful he is when working with dogs.

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Nicole Lark
Staten Island

May 4 2008

Photo of Maria Moreno and Bruce Cushman's dog

We have three Bully Breed rescues who came from pretty bad conditions. We called Bark Busters for several issues. ~ In one session, we no longer have front door issues, walking them is a joy (unless we encounter other dogs--we're still working HARD on that one), and they are more balanced and content than they've ever been. So are WE!! ~ It requires constant work, and there is a lot of homework to do, but it's TOTALLY worth it for them and for us--I would HIGHLY recommend Lisa and Al Holzer (and Oscar--what a trooper he is!) to anyone--and I do!

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Maria Moreno and Bruce Cushman

May 3 2008

Wonderful! Yes, I will recommend Bark Busters.

Dawn Gula

May 3 2008

Yes, I saw results, my dogs had several issues. Jodi explained things where I could understand and do them. I am pleased with the natural training techniques, I don't like harsh treatment on my dogs. I have already told a few people about the training.

Barbara Brockenbough

May 3 2008

We saw noticeable results at the end of the 1st lesson. After a week we needed the trainer to return for a problem we were having. I called at 1:30pm and by 4:00pm she was at our house helping us. ~ At first I was skeptical but I've seen so many positive changes with my dog and we've only had 3 training sessions!

Amy Taucher

May 3 2008

Vicky was very very helpful and made be believe I could have well-behaved dogs.

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Maureen Ludke

May 2 2008

Photo of Miranda Haedge's dog

Dasheill was already walking better by the end of the afternoon. It's not complicated and it works. It's worth it to me because it provides me with the skills I need to train any dog I may own. It doesn't require a lot of extra stuff like treats, etc. to be effective.

Miranda Haedge

May 1 2008

Aggressive pit bull? - Have you ever been locked in a room with a pit bull that is growling at you? I watch the news and I trembled with fear for hours after I got away from her. My pit bull spun so out of control she was attacking my other dogs and turning on me. I didn't know what else to do except be what I thought was a responsible pet owner and put her down. I called my vet. and scheduled her to be euthanized. - But I love her so much that I couldn't go through with it. I also couldn't live in fear. I honestly didn't know what to do. If I talked to 30 people, 30 people told me to put her down. My vet recommended Wendy from Bark Busters and she became our last hope. She turned out to be a Godsend. - If I had not seen it for myself, I would have never believed it. Wendy helped us turn her around. As I mentioned, I also have 3 shepherds and had police academy training with them. With all my years of experience with dogs, I truly believed there would be no way to rehabilitate our Pit bull. I thought it was her personality and genetic make up. Wendy helped me realize that it was ME, "the owner," and not her. We saw positive results after 2 weeks and worked with her for a total of 5 weeks. Now she is a playful, goofy, happy, loving dog. I have to admit she's actually better than before I lost control. - I highly recommend Wendy from Bark Busters. We feel like she is part of the family and will always be there for us. Now I believe that any dog can be rehabilitated. There is no need to put down aggressive dogs, they are just confused and that leads to frustration and then anger and aggressiveness. We love our Pit bull and she brings much joy to our lives. I am extremely satisfied with Bark Busters. Feel free to contact me if you need to; mornings are better.

- Anthony Garcia, Chino Hills, CA

Anthony Garcia
Chino Hills

May 1 2008

Leigh Ann demonstrated the techniques admirably in plain and clear explanations. We began noticing good results with the beginning of the second session. We like the natural training techniques of Bark Busters because they eliminate any harsh and abusive treatment. We would enthusiastically recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors! Without Bark Busters training techniques we would never have been able to train Queen, our Pomeranian.

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Dr. Robert Clark

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