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May 1 2008

Jim was really good at explaining the training techniques and I was happy that I didn't have to hit or yell at my dog. As a first-time dog owner, the first session was a bit overwhelming at first as it was hard to take it all in. Jim Lory is an excellent trainer. At the first visit I could tell that my dog was trainable as he responded quickly to my commands.

Carolyn M.

May 1 2008

Jim explained the techniques clearly and I liked the natural training techniques that Bark Busters uses. I am very impressed and pleased with the results I saw in just one visit and I have already recommended Jim and Bark Busters to a friend the next day at lunch.

Diana C.

May 1 2008

Patrick explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Patrick gave valuable, useful insight into the my dog's psyche. I found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. I recommend Bark Busters.

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Joe Raffa
Fort Myers Beach

April 30 2008

I have already recommended and talked about this training to several friends. Cheryl Kubista does an excellent training routine and is very helpful.

Marjorie P.
Bowling Green

April 30 2008

Our therapist was easy to follow and she allowed us to ask questions! Wonderful! Oh my! Yes we observed results by the end of the training. I am thrilled with the natural techniques bused by Bark Busters! Wonderful training. I am finally the Alpha Dog!

Carole S.

April 30 2008

We learned a lot in the training session. The techniques were not harmful. That was a relaxing factor for us. We would recommend Bark Busters, so much information we were not aware of.

Ron and Monica R.

April 29 2008

The training is working out wonderfully. The concepts are straight forward and easy to execute. The practice is often the most difficult, but Bumples reminds me when we have not practiced enough by pulling on her lead or not coming when I call her. Thanks - I made a great decision/investment with Bark Busters.

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Patricia F.
St. Petersburg

April 28 2008

Leigh Ann was great. She answered all my questions and taught me things I would never have known....

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Angela Salerno, Anchor, WCTV

April 28 2008

Learning the proper procedures to follow will put back the joy of sharing our home with our 4-legged family member! It was very informative and full of great training tips. Hudson was showing signs of looking to me for the lead by the end of the training. In fact, I left a message for a friend recommending the training within 30 minutes of the lesson ending.

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Linda B.

April 28 2008

Amazing! Leash control, barking, really explains how the techniques work and "What the dog is thinking"! It's fascinating every step of the way. I'm a teacher, and David is a natural teacher - positive, helpful, patient, doesn't make you feel stupid if it's hard to do. He really teaches by showing, something all teachers do. Demonstrate, guide, then do it independently. Helps you stay positive even when the dog seems difficult to train.

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Roseanne E.

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