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March 25 2008

Photo of Mark Blackman's dog

Steve was a terrific trainer. He is smart, experienced, and knows how to teach effective techniques to keep your dog obedient and eager to please. Since Steve helped me train my dog. I no longer need a leash or collar when walking her.

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Mark Blackman

March 25 2008

We are amazed!!!

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Alice & Bill S.

March 25 2008


Stephanie Reynders

March 25 2008

The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters are amazing. We observed noticeable results by then end of the training. The lesson experience was interesting and enjoyable.

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Barbara & Ed Whitney
North Fort Myers

March 24 2008

Despite our inability to follow a regular training schedule, our dog's behavioral issues were markedly improved within a week. The techniques were very sensible and taught us to "think like a dog." Lisa was informative, compassionate and non-judgmental. She immediately narrowed the issues down and provided tailored instruction to reduce the behavior. We were living in constant fear due to the nearly daily fights between two of our beagles. After the very first session, the fights were eliminated. We are both amazed and extremely grateful. You saved our little dog's life! We had been advised to put him to sleep due to the uncontrollable aggression. Thank you so much!!!

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Carol and Tony Moore

March 24 2008

Jeri really took her time and demonstrated as much as needed. I can't wait to practice and raise a well-behaved dog. Jeri was wonderful. She even answered several questions I had the same night.

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March 24 2008

We have a dog that was showing aggression towards me and our daughter. Jeri asked a lot of questions during the initial assessment about Duke's behavior and when he was acting aggressive. After the assessment, we decided to bring Duke to our veterinarian to see if he had any unseen injuries. As it turned out, he had a back injury. Without Jeri's inquiries, we would have never known about the injury. Jeri has continued to work with us and Duke and we have seen a big difference in his behavior.

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March 23 2008

I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors because our trainer was great at explaining what needed to be done. Angel, a German shepherd, showed noticeable improvement by the end of the training.

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Allison Frances
Lehigh Acres

March 22 2008

I have owned dogs my entire life however I had never heard of Bark Busters. My husband & I have in the last 10 years decided that Rhodesian ridgebacks were the dog for us. My current dog, Max, was a rescue of a kind (the 3-yr-old in his family developed allergies) and we had the luck to adopt him. He was 6 years old at the time. He came with a pre-paid therapist - Bark Busters. My initial thought was something along the lines of "Yeah, right."

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Elissa Ray

March 22 2008

Jim explained the techniques clearly and and I received instructions on paper to share with my husband when he came home. The training was enjoyable and I got a lot of valuable information to help me with my dog. I absolutely will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Jim Lory is the nicest person I have ever met. Thank You!

Meredith E.

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