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March 13 2008

Frank explained the training techniques in a way that was very easy to follow. We saw a noticeable difference in Clyde by the end of our first session. We were very pleased with the Bark Busters natural training and the experience was enjoyable. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters training to our friends and family.

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Tim & Rose A.

March 11 2008

Photo of Anita Chavera's dog

Linda did an excellent job! I couldn't believe it. Remy was like a different dog within 3 hours! I'm very happy with the no treat & hands off approach. Excellent program- well worth the investment for a happy dog & happy home. Excellent!!

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Anita Chavera

March 11 2008

It is really quite easy, yet effective, especially getting her (Great Dane) not to pull while on leash & to sit and stay when someone knocks on the front door. I like the idea of not having to give treats all the time for good behavior. She gets praise for achieving good results. Easy system to follow I see results much quicker.

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Debbie Nelson

March 10 2008

Photo of Shannon Eisenberg's dog

It was easier than I expected. Jesse has become an even better pet than he was, and now we TRULY enjoy EVERYTHING about him being with us. He's like a whole new dog in no time!

Shannon Eisenberg
Bloomfield Hills

March 10 2008

Maureen was excellent! She was very professional and showed lots of patience. She educated my husband and I on the language of our dogs. We saw immediate results. My dog will not enter my child's room - he'll sit right at the door waiting. He doesn't get up on the furniture unless invited. And he is much calmer! Our older dog had anxiety issues and we were taught how to help her deal with them. Now, she is coming out of her shell and is around the family more often.

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Cecilia Toomey

March 10 2008

Photo of Amber & Manuel Gatdula's dog

He no longer barks at the mailman or when we come home! It was so easy and it works. Absolutely amazing!! We have not had to use the bags. George is becoming a well behaved family member! THANK YOU!

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Amber & Manuel Gatdula

March 9 2008

Both Al on the phone and Lisa in training put a light on my dog's issues in a very easy way to understand them. I was shocked at the immediate results! The natural training techniques made so much sense. I have already recommended Bark Busters and called my vet to thank them and let them know how much their referral to Bark Busters meant to me. Thanks so much to both Al and Lisa. I've personally lost so much this past year and couldn't bear to lose my dog Pinto. You fixed this for me.

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Kathy Bollig

March 9 2008

Very effective right away!

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Angela Turano

March 7 2008

It was amazing to see how quickly my dog Norman responded to the training. The system was very easy to understand. The rules were clear and simple. I understand that now I will need to be consistent with my training. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters and Lisa in particular. I am excited to be able to create a secure environment for both my dog and myself. Thanks.

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Jennifer Dunaway

March 7 2008

The training techniques are easy enough that my seven year old corrects me when I forget what to do. Caddis responded to the training in the first session with issues and behaviors that we had been struggling with her for years. We liked the non-physical approach and had fun putting the training to work with Caddis.

Bruce & Cheryl M.

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