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January 23 2008

My dogs learned quickly! I couldn't believe bow fast it was! Vicky is great! I can't wait for my doggies to be able to come upstairs!

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Tesha Geraghty

January 23 2008

I have never seen Moose so responsive!. It was like magic. Ken did a great job of explaining what we needed to do.

Zak & Lynn B.

January 21 2008

It was amazing!! It made me so happy to learn these techniques and to know it didn't have to be physical. I would recommend Bark Busters because it works! Simple as that. Kendra was AMAZING! She made it enjoyable and easy.

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Angela E.
East Lansing

January 20 2008

Scot demonstrates clearly and then makes sure I can also do the techniques correctly.

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Jennifer Whitehead, Veterinary Assistant
Ellington Center Animal Clinic

January 19 2008

Very patient for owners & dogs. Not only explained what to do,but why. Instant results. I noticed amazing results !!

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Jared M.
Houston, Texas

January 18 2008

Everything was demonstrated very well. The "Bah" sound is very effective. It was very interesting understanding how a dog thinks and ways to cope.

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A. Reiser

January 18 2008

At the end of the training I had a new understanding of my dog and we communicate much more clearly now. The training experience was interesting and I enjoyed seeing all the progress everyday. Thank you for taking the time to help us out!

Grand Rapids, Michigan

January 17 2008

I was really surprised at how fast my dogs "got it." The water bombs for barking worked really well - and it was a fun way to train!

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Margie S.

January 17 2008

I was very happy with the initial consult and the techniques he taught us to immediately correct behavioral issues of our 2 dogs. We are working to make them accept our new dog Maggie, and are very happy with the progress made. We look forward to continues success in our training with Jack.

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Sarah M.

January 17 2008

Jack was very helpful and patient when helping us and our "strong-willed Cooper." We noticed a positive change in Cooper's response to us after Jack left (after the first session Cooper was already a bit more obedient!). We feel we have the tools to begin Cooper's new lifestyle. We will all be happier. We love knowing Bark Busters is here for us. We are motivated to start the Bark Busters way.

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Satin C.

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