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October 11 2007

Rachel gave/taught techniques specific for our dog and environment. This helped us the most. We saw a noticeable result even within the first half hour. I would suggest her to anyone! Thank you!


October 11 2007

Rachel was so nice and calming.


October 11 2007

[The training techniques were] very easy to understand. All the instructions were logical and seems like would be successful if followed.

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Brad and Sandra Zastrow

October 10 2007

Photo of Shannon & Paul Wendricks's dog

We have a completely different dog now! Linda did a great job, especially dealing with the distractions of our children.

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Shannon & Paul Wendricks
Cottage Grove

October 10 2007

Photo of Peggy & Mark Werner's dog

Time really flew by! It seems to be well founded and seems to really work!

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Peggy & Mark Werner

October 10 2007

Photo of Jamie & Brian Gratrix's dog

We want to thank you again. We definitely run the show now,not Tucker! I have even been able to teach him the famous hold a treat on your snout until I say it's okay. :-) I am so glad he is listening to us now!

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Jamie & Brian Gratrix

October 10 2007

Photo of Dana Simons's dog

Easy techniques, and they are working! John was great. He made me feel like I could contact them with any questions or problems.

Dana Simons
White Lake

October 10 2007

After 6 months of various training techniques & lead collars, choke collars, spike collars, electric collars and a harness, 1 hour with Scot and Ben heeled perfectly.

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Ray & Peg Dubois

October 10 2007

Pete Marciano and Bark Busters has changed my life, literally. After 9 years with 2 Jack Russells that I adore but that had bad habits (jumping, nipping, barking), they are now perfect! I can entertain family and friends with no nervous tension. Amazing!

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Mrs. Miriam Berstein

October 10 2007

Our dog, Paladin, was very responsive to the training. It was everything we had hoped for.

Jim B.
Grand Rapids

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