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October 6 2007

Photo of Janet Stephens's dog

The Bark Busters training experience was very positive. Becky explained the training principals very clearly and helped put them into action.

Janet Stephens

October 5 2007

On the first day I noticed results.

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Bianca Alaimo

October 5 2007

Photo of Tia Svardahl's dog

Linda used analogies to help explain some of the techniques and reasons behind them. We were amazed at how my dog responded to the simple techniques that Bark Busters teaches. I like that there is no physical contact with the dog. The training is interesting and exciting when you see your dog responding so quickly. I think that most dogs (and their owners) need some form of Bark Busters training. Linda is awesome & a joy to work with. She is thorough and has great "people training skills"! :-)

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Tia Svardahl
Sun Prairie

October 4 2007

It is simple, logical, loving and respectful to animal (and owners) and it works! I appreciate the comprehensive way it educates - from passive dominance and individual realistic expectations for each dog, to in-the-moment correction and praise.

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Jim and Christy Hubert

October 4 2007

It was great to see results the very first day of training and I loved learning how to teach recall. I also enjoyed learning more about my dog as well as understanding how he perceives the world. Gail is great and very patient. She was calm and took her time to instruct. She also watched as I tried performing the same techniques she taught. Then corrected me when I did it wrong and worked with me till I got it right. I have already recommended the training to my aunt in Taiwan.

Susana Wang

October 4 2007

Photo of Kelly Strutt's dog

It was great! My dog is listening to me! I was very pleased how easy it was, and also, I thought it was affordable. Worth the money for a well behaved dog!

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Kelly Strutt

October 4 2007

Jim explained the training techniques clearly and demonstrated them himself which helped me as I am a visual learning. Seeing the techniques really helped me a lot. My Yorkie is usually very fearful of strangers and she LOVED Jim after only about 30 minutes of training.

Lisa May

October 3 2007

Maril is our hero!! Jackson is a new dog, relaxed, easy to control and sweet.

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Michelle & Ray Small
Lincoln Park

October 3 2007

Kathy and Betsy were very patient and thorough. The results were immediate and the process was good and very considerate to both the pet and the owner. We were quite pleased with the natural training techniques because it just made a lot of sense. The program was very successful and i am already referring to my neighbors. Kathy and Betsy are great and lots of fun to work with. They both care for the dog and the owner.

Jim H. & Cindy B.

October 3 2007

Betsy and Kathy explained the training techniques very nicely. It was practical and was common sense. They were such nice ladies. There was immediately some noticeable results and they also explained to me that it is a 5-week training program & it is up to me to be the leader. It is my responsibility. We enjoyed the all natural training and it made me think "like a dog" and with that correct training is being applied. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone. I took the behavior quiz and it was a great gage for my dog and me as an owner. This would also be a great program for people getting puppies. Thank you, Betsy and Kathy!!!

Jill C. & David G.

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