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July 20 2007

Appears to work better than the previous methods I have used. Started to see results almost immediately. Linda did a great job! I am very happy with the results, even after only 2 days! Thanks!

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Donna Quandt, DVM

July 19 2007

Bobb Frecker from Bark Busters is an excellent trainer. He was able to help with my new 2½ year old feisty Labrador. Bobb provided me with a lot of insight to her 'passive dominant' type personality. I feel like my lab's training has been greatly accelerated. I am happily recommending Bobb and Bark Busters to my clients and friends.

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K. Troyer, veterinarian
Grove City

July 19 2007

We have a beagle/boxer mix that thought he was clearly the "pack leader." We were having trouble making him mind and obey commands in general. Christine stepped in, and with her vast knowledge and exceptional communication skills, taught us how to correct behavior with the pack leader mentality. We saw immediate improvement, and continue to rely on her advice and great ideas as we continue to train at home. Christine has an incredible skill set, and while she is "all business" in terms of using our time to the best advantage, she does so with an empathetic tone. It is very obvious that she truly loves and understands dogs. We tried two other training methods prior to Bark Busters, with no success. We finally made the right choice!

Robyn McCluney
Las Vegas

July 19 2007

We have told everyone who would listen how wonderful this training is!

Tony & Robin Bisi
S. Glastonbury

July 19 2007

Absolutely amazing approach which yields results. Rebecca is wonderful - so positive and encouraging. She made a believer of me.

Carol Whalen

July 18 2007

Photo of Amy Swanson's dog

We have taken obedience classes, read books, and watched popular TV shows like "The Dog Whisperer" and "It's Me or The Dog," but they are no substitute for Jim and Bark Busters situational, one-on-one dog training methods. We saw IMMEDIATE results with our 3 bichons and highly recommend Jim and Bark Busters!

Amy Swanson
Winter Garden

July 18 2007

I wanted to wait several weeks before sending back the survey to make sure my dogs were still obeying and responding to the training. The results have been unbelievable and you would think I only have one dog instead of six as it is so quiet! WOW!

Diane Clark, vet technician

July 18 2007

Choosing a dog trainer is indeed a serious endeavor. I read several books, magazines and searched the Internet but was at a loss until locating Bark Busters Christine Hanley. It all started with a phone interview and I was very pleased with the confident answers I received. Christine appeared to be organized, caring and encouraging. I have two Rottweilers and needed help.

Denise Iudice

July 18 2007

Linda did an excellent job explaining why my puppy was behaving the way she was...very helpful to me. It's amazing! Sophie changed right before my eyes & she continues to show those changes! So simple to follow- makes sense. The time just flew by! I learned so much. I am absolutely recommending Bark Busters to all of my dog loving friends! Linda is an excellent trainer and very easy to work with. She taught me how to work with my puppy so that she can grow up being happy and secure!

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Theresa Chard

July 18 2007

Bark Busters methods seemed to work faster and better than any other training methods used prior to their session. I feel this method will really work with any dog and any problem.

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Anna Fleishman
San Antonio

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