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September 7 2007

Betsy and Kathy were very patient and thourough and we saw immediate results and they were considerate to both the pet and the owner. We were very pleased the the natural training techniques because it makes a lot of sense. It was fun and hard work for the dog and the owner, but both are happier for the work. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters and already have referred to our neighbors. Kathy and Betsy are great and really fun to work with. They both care for the dog and the owners.

Jim H. & Cindy B.

September 7 2007

Kathy and Betsy explained the training techniques in a a way that was very easy to understand. Our dog Kuma was better behaved at the end of our first session. The all natural training techniques used a lot of common sense and teaches you how the dog thinks. The two of us really learned a lot. We would definitely recommend Kathy and Betsy to anyone because they are very thorough and willing to help in every way. It is so nice to know that you can contact them any time as new problems arise through out the life of the dog.

Anita and Randy M.

September 6 2007

The training was great. Rocky was a new go. I believe that the training really works. Thank you.

Quinton Williams
St. Louis

September 6 2007

The training was different and interesting in the point of view for the dog. Rachel was very patient while I was learning the training techniques.


September 6 2007

I must admit that the promise of noticeable results after the first lesson sounded much too good to be true, but Rachel came through as promised. I am absolutely astounded and extraordinarily grateful. I am so thrilled that such a humane method can be so effective. I have already recommended Bark Busters to others. The results speak for themselves. Thank you!!


September 6 2007

Trainer was on time, polite, and had excellent knowledge of dogs. Training was very helpful.


September 6 2007

Amazingly noticeable results - she was really great! The dogs stopped barking immediately, and sitting and staying...Woohoo!


September 6 2007

Rachel made it very easy to follow. I was amazed at the difference. I have recommended Bark Busters twice already.


September 6 2007

Photo of Terry Browne's dog

We noticed results, and were very pleased and impressed with the training. Linda is very personable and all of us, including our vicious dog, responded well to her. I will recommend Bark Busters because I was amazed at the response our dog had to the training. I thought that Linda's claims over the phone were exaggerated and overly optimistic, but they weren't! It was remarkable how the dog responded to the treatment!

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Terry Browne

September 6 2007

Photo of Kirsten Greco's dog

It was incredible! I had two happy and relaxed dogs not only by the end of the training, but also up until now! I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to my friends. Not only are my dogs more relaxed, I am too! They actually listen to me! Thanks, John. We enjoy our dogs even more. I just wish I would have known about Bark Busters earlier. What a difference!

Kirsten Greco

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