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November 8 2007

Photo of Terry Cross's dog

Very effective and John is terrific to learn from and work with. A very positive experience!

Terry Cross
Rochester Hills

November 8 2007

Photo of Aaron & Christine Papasian's dog

Very happy with this! Gave us great perspective on how a dog's mind works and how great this training works! Amazing!

Aaron & Christine Papasian

November 8 2007

Thanks, Ken, for making me a better dog. Who says you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. If I had known that the training would have been so easy, I would have had my "owners" call you soon...Twitch the Schnauzer.

Debbie & James H.

November 7 2007

I have 3 dogs that were out of control. Keith was wonderful...very smart, knowledgeable and great to work with! I love that the techniques are kind to the dog - no punishment, no treats, just training. I simply cannot describe how amazed I am with the results after only one training session. I manage an animal hospital and I will be highly recommending Keith and Bark Busters to all of our customers!

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Liz Lehmann

November 7 2007

Photo of Jennifer Goodman's dog

I was pleased with the natural training techniques. I have a dog who was abused before, a natural method allows for productivity instead of Tara responding in fear.

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Jennifer Goodman

November 7 2007

Photo of Gary and Valeri Mallett's dog

The instructions were very simple and clear. By the end of the training session Pepper was walking on a leash and recognizing commands.

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Gary and Valeri Mallett

November 7 2007

Photo of Amber Romney's dog

I have seen the benefits of this training and I am very impressed.

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Amber Romney

November 7 2007

Our dogs are much more relaxed and manageable, even within a few days. In fact, there was a huge difference as soon as the training began. We have already recommended Bark Busters to friends and will continue to do so. Doug was amazing with our dogs!

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Joshua Holcomb

November 7 2007

The program really works, well worth the money. Ken did an excellent job and really enjoys the training.

Arvid K.

November 6 2007

We were very impressed by the simplicity of the training. It reminded us of how we believe our own children should be raised. We also learned what we were doing wrong. You can only go as far as your taught. Also the explanation of why & what was going on really made a difference.

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Howard & Marianne Stein

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