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July 31 2007

After losing a 12-yr-old German shepherd (retired police K-9) to old age, my daughter took loosing "Kaiser" very hard. Then I got hurt in an auto accident almost lost my leg. My daughter was given a GSD, "Hercules" to take away the loss of "Kaiser." With Mike Hoskinson's help, my 9-year-old daughter is now a "pack leader" and walking our ONE -year-old German shepherd around the neighborhood. Everyone can't believe that she has control of such a big and well-obedient dog. . . . .Mike Hoskinson is a great trainer. He can answer any question. He is very knowledgeable, personable and punctual, and the techniques are so easily understood that even children can understand.

Bill M.

July 31 2007

Photo of BethAnne Bernacchi's dog

Amazing! It totally makes sense and works! I am amazed at how much more relaxed Daisy is and better behaved Shaggy is.

BethAnne Bernacchi

July 31 2007

Photo of Lynda Brownsworth's dog

I've been looking for a natural training method without treats or punishment. Diesel was responding and has continued to do so already in a short time period. I definitely think this training method will work for the long term. My husband and I like the lifetime warranty and think this is a very wise business decision.

Lynda Brownsworth

July 31 2007

I could not believe how much my dog changed and listened to me by the end of the lesson. I have tried others and Bark Busters is the Best!

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Lisa Phillips
San Antonio

July 30 2007

By the end of our session, Mardi was a much calmer dog. We didn't think it was possible for US to TRAIN HIM!!

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Carolyn & Joe P.

July 30 2007

The training was truly amazing, we saw immediate results. It was very easy to follow and easy to understand. This was a great experience and excellent training for us. Our dog is a different dog. We are now able to really enjoy her.

Donna Guerrero

July 30 2007

Kathy was very positive. She praised not only the dog but us as trainers as well. I would recommend Bark Busters to everyone and feel the overall experience was excellent.

Bernie Fagan
St. Louis

July 30 2007

James & Lorie Landers dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Puppy Management Recall or not coming when called Separation Anxiety Toileting

Clear and concise. The presentation was easy to follow.Training by doing, excellent techniques. surprising change in our dogs. A pleasant experience.

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Carol S.
Placitas, New Mexico

July 29 2007

Photo of Raquel Jebailey's dog

Jim Lory and Bark Busters have truly been a godsend! Rocco was a good puppy, but NOW he's just the BEST! I found the training to be interesting and enjoyable and Rocco responded IMMEDIATELY to the training. I have already recommended Jim to neighbors and friends!

Raquel Jebailey
Orlando (Dr. Phillip

July 27 2007

Thank you for coming down and helping with Rebel. We have not had any issues since you left on Thursday, he listens to us, when he takes something that does not belong to him he will come when we call and leave the item. And the muzzle is now put away for good. Even potty training is going much better!!!!!!

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Dean and Elsje Trantum

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