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October 3 2007

Kathy and Betsy were very patient and thorough. The results were immediate and the process was good and very considerate to both the pet and the owner. We were quite pleased with the natural training techniques because it just made a lot of sense. The program was very successful and i am already referring to my neighbors. Kathy and Betsy are great and lots of fun to work with. They both care for the dog and the owner.

Jim H. & Cindy B.

October 3 2007

Betsy and Kathy explained the training techniques very nicely. It was practical and was common sense. They were such nice ladies. There was immediately some noticeable results and they also explained to me that it is a 5-week training program & it is up to me to be the leader. It is my responsibility. We enjoyed the all natural training and it made me think "like a dog" and with that correct training is being applied. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone. I took the behavior quiz and it was a great gage for my dog and me as an owner. This would also be a great program for people getting puppies. Thank you, Betsy and Kathy!!!

Jill C. & David G.

October 3 2007

Bark Busters has made our household a more enjoyable living space. We noticed results almost immediately.

Michele W.

October 2 2007

Our home seems more tranquil and Rosie is a bit quieter at this early date in training.

Marsha Dunn
Indian Harbor Beach

October 2 2007

Vicky explained everything wonderfully and answered any questions I had!

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Joyce Maxwell

October 2 2007

She is nice and explained everything -- easy to understand and get!

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Sandra Engelsman
Tinley Park

October 2 2007

Photo of Donna & Jeff Bowden's dog

Lisa was great! She gave us the tools we needed to have a nice family dog.

Donna & Jeff Bowden
Lake Orion

October 2 2007

Photo of Kristina Williams's dog

Baxter is such a cute puppy, but his looks were deceiving. After a few days at home, I was completely stressed and I wanted to give him away. He used my house as his "bathroom" and you could not touch him without being his chew toy. Now, he goes to the back door to "potty" and his biting and nipping of the hands and chin are almost non-existent.

Kristina Williams
Lake Orion

October 2 2007

Photo of Angelica Vikblad's dog

It's a great way to learn how to be a good dog owner and friend.

Angelica Vikblad
Bloomfield Hills

October 2 2007

Photo of Sherryl DiFalco (Oakland Animal Hospital Staff Mem's dog

So easy to understand you think, "Why couldn't I figure that out?" I've never seen Cowboy not bark and run to the door when someone is here, but after only two hours of training, he was a perfect gentleman. I am very pleased that I will not be using my shock collar or pulling Cowboy by the collar anymore.

Sherryl DiFalco (Oakland Animal Hospital Staff Mem
Royal Oak

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