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July 16 2007

Chris was always patient, cheerful, imaginative and creative with both Shanti & myself. She stuck with my dog & me through much difficulty. She even helped my pet sitter. I really needed the follow-through Chris provided. She not only lived up to the Bark Buster Credo, which I expected, but she was imaginative and persistent in her various approaches with my dog, Shanti. Shanti is very stubborn & challenging. She met her match with Chris! Hip, hip hurray for Chris!!

Jeannie M.

July 16 2007

Very pleased with the session! There's no question that if suggestions are followed, any problems can be resolved. Fascinating psychology of both dogs and me--a life lesson for all of us. Also, follow-up with Vito has been excellent--always with perfect advice. Well worth our happiness and peace of mind. Thanks!

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Suzanne K.
St. Petersburg

July 14 2007

By the end of the session, my dog was actually listening to me! My dog is now acting the way I always hoped he would. He seems much calmer and relaxed. We've integrated the training into every activity we do together. He likes being trained now! The techniques are straight forward and do not rely on bribery or pain to get results.

Jason Cooley

July 14 2007

Becky went over the philosophy of the training techniques with me for about an hour. She also demonstrated what was needed before I started. I have a dog from the animal shelter who had LOTS of issues and one spoiled Golden. I now feel I am the 'Leader' and have more control over both of them. It was AMAZING how just by applying the simple techniques Becky taught us gets results.

Carol S.

July 14 2007

Photo of Terri Pryor's dog

Our guy is truly an "alpha" personality - and smart to boot! We observed results by the end of the training. Becky is wonderful; has been diligent in follow-up, patient, and most importantly I know she cares and is committed to our success.

Terri Pryor

July 14 2007

Payton picked up things right away and others too longer, but still a difference right away. Very easy to follow and convenient in home. Since I have allergies to dogs, this was a wonderful alternative for training.

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Michelle Barfield

July 14 2007

It really does work and can notice changes right away. Linda was very understanding of our problems with both dogs and addressed issues for both.

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Dan & Trudy Clark
Mineral Point

July 14 2007

Linda was beyond excellent! She helped us understand what we needed to do to help Tugger be the dog he wanted to be. We noticed results not just by the end of training, but half way through! It's been a week now and our house is a changed place. It's a joy to come home now. At first we thought it sounded too easy. No treats? No complex paradigms? Just Bah & Good boy? It's fabulous! It works! It continues to be enjoyable. It's a joy to spend time with Tugger now. We're not having to contain & apologize. Now we play and relax. I've been singing your praises all week! I'd recommend this service to anyone. Linda took our home from being all about containing the dogs & minimizing damage to a home where everyone (dogs included) is relaxed and at peace. We look forward to many years with Tugger as the wonderful boy that he now is.

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Teri & Lance Woods

July 12 2007

Robert was able to focus my 3-year-old female dalmatian during his initial visit. His techniques and tips had her focused with less barking after his 1st visit. Her calmer demeanor has been noticed by the neighbors, the mailman and anyone walking past the house.

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Rose Greenberg
Staten Island

July 12 2007

We had a really great experience with Jan. Bingo has made HUGE strides since we started.

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Blair Davis
La Jolla

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