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September 19 2007

We were amazed at how quickly our 3½ month beagle puppy responded to the training. Jim has an excellent teaching style that transfers well to the dog as well as to the owners. A truly awesome experience. Thanks, Jim!

Will and Reg F.

September 18 2007

Photo of Shannon Church's dog

I am so pleased with the results. We saw immediate and significant results after only one session and I can't wait to share with friends and family. Thanks, Jim!

Shannon Church

September 17 2007

Photo of Shannon & Steve Gardner's dog

Becky explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. She repeated as often as necessary and would say it in a different way if necessary. Handouts were left for review as well. There were noticeable results by the end of the training. I had people over for a party 2 days later and a few asked if we had a new dog! The training was very interesting. I would recommend Bark Busters. We saw results right away. I wish I had known about this kind of training when my dog was a puppy! I recommend this training technique to anyone with dogs! Not just troublesome dogs. It's great to see your dog live a "stress free" life - not being the pack leader any more!

Shannon & Steve Gardner

September 17 2007

I am amazed at the difference in my dogs' behavior after just one session. I feel as if Cesar Milan stopped by. This is worth the money. I only wish I knew of Bark Busters sooner.

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Mary Jo C.
St. Petersburg

September 16 2007

Photo of Renae Hall's dog

It really does work, but you do have to be consistent!

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Renae Hall
Cross Plains

September 15 2007

We were gifted with a mini dachshund, a master of manipulation. As a result, we engaged in many methods of training but had not been successful in the issues of socialization or barking. Bark Busters provided us with the tools, care, consideration and continued support allowing us to successfully address Chloe's issues. Gail Chadbourne was a zen master and became our "weiner whisperer."

Deb Delaney
Castro Valley

September 14 2007

Photo of Beth & Jim Warnecke's dog

Linda was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, patient and took the time to explain concepts clearly. She kept the lesson moving to cover all of our issues completely and not get off track. The techniques & support to learn them & use them was very effective. Now we have the tools to change the unwanted behavior.

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Beth & Jim Warnecke

September 14 2007

Very nice and very easy to work with Thank you very much.

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Andrea Diltz

September 14 2007

It was done in a step-by-step manner that was easy to follow. It was very effective and has worked better than anything else we've tried.

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Michelle Anderson

September 14 2007

I noticed immediate results and Pandora is progressing more and more every day. Thank you for your help.

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Helen Wilson

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