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April 15 2007

Nice presentation. The charts were helpful. Linda thoroughly explained everything. Changes with both dogs immediatley, working on different problem areas. Much more confortable to work in our own home where the problems occur. The technique is effective and easy to use. Works well with more than one dog.

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Tracy Vanden Heuvel
Highland, WI

April 13 2007

Linda was extremely easy to work with. We saw results in the first 5 minutes of training! I almost cried when my dog Stew wouldn't budge an inch from my side while in a "Stay." Not even with when a bunch of treats were thrown in front of him! I have already told several people about Bark Busters and Linda. The entire process was very enjoyable...I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone!

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Ryann & Curtis Crylen
Madison, WI

April 13 2007

The dog did fine- I was the one who needed improvement. I would recommend Bark Busters!

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Peggy Koth
Middleton, WI

April 13 2007

We are thrilled with the results we have seen. Koda has responded extremely well to the training techniques. I loved the in-home training where Koda was in her own environment. We have seen immediate results.

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Chris L.
Palm Harbor

April 12 2007

Photo of Terry C.'s dog

What a wonderful experience! Kathy helped us understand how our dog, Clyde, thinks and within the first 15 minutes of using the Bark Busters tecdhniques, Clyde responded. No more rushing the door and jumping on our guests -- we are thrilled!

Terry C.
Castle Rock

April 11 2007

Jim gave a perfect presentation of the training procedures and the we found the natural techniques were simple but very effective. The results our dogs had at the end of the 2½ hour session were absolutely great. We found the training experience was interesting and enjoyable. The system is amazing as is the therapist, Jim Lory. All dog owners should learn this program. We will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to all the dog owners we know!

Carolyn and Ed S.
Clermont, FL

April 10 2007

Instant results and improving on letting visitors enter our home in a calmer manner. Very gentle method, showing caring attitudes toward pets. Our dog Maggie respects Ruth, and I view her as a lifesaver.

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Sandy S.
Appleton, WI

April 10 2007

The method was immediately useful. The training in home made me feel more confident. 100% difference with the first session! [The training techniques were] very humane and calm. It makes sense and is a positive yet practical training approach. The skills we learned in the first few sessions are applicable to any experience, activity, etc. that we want to share with our newest family member. We are very happy with Bark Busters and Ruth Marquardt!

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Eve M.
Appleton, WI

April 10 2007

My friends and family are amazed by the changes in our dog's behavior. Our home has become a much calmer place.

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Debbie H.

April 9 2007

For years we thought we just had bad dogs but we saw them change in a couple of hours. For everyone who knows how misbehaved our dogs were, and for those who didn't, we will recommend Jim and Bark Busters.

Amanda and John R.
Winter Garden, FL

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