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March 15 2007

The natural techniques used by Bark Busters showed me immediate results. Jason was so freindly nad he clearly explained and demonstrated everything in a way that I was able to feel comfortable doing it myself.

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Roseann T.
St. James, NY

March 13 2007

Noticed results right away. Ken & Lynne are nice and easy to work with.

Kerry H.

March 10 2007

Linda was very helpful and knowledgeable. I think this has changed our dog in such a positive way!

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Jaime Bracken
Madison, WI

March 10 2007

Very easy to understand- helped make sense of what was happening in our home. Reba was very willing to want to make us happy. I felt very different at first- but once we got used to "Bah," the dog really started to listen. We would recommend Bark Busters because we thought our dog was untrainable- now she's finally learning some manners! We were very surprised by how quick the dog took to this training- if it only worked on kids!

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Jenny Culver
Middleton, WI

March 10 2007

Amazing results!! The natural training techniques are very simple and very effective and it happened so quickly. Mercy hasn't had an accident since the day you were here (just another bonus for us because of Bark Busters).

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Carl & Krystal B.
Tomball, Texas

March 8 2007

Donna did an excellent job explaining the training techniques and theory behind them. She was very patient with me and very kind to my dog. My dog stopped jumping up on people and was much easier to control on the leash during walks.

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Jennifer B.
Houston, TX

March 8 2007

Clearly explained techniques and reasoning, demonstrated the instructions and was an excellent coach in assisting me with following through. Noticeable improvement in barking.

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Karen S.
Black Creek, WI

March 8 2007

Rebecca made it very easy to understand. She was very patient and made it fun! The results were incredible. We were so excited. It was like having a new dog. I love the fact that this program is done with positive reinforcement! We learned so much from the training. We were amazed at the results we saw immediately. I have to admit, I was very skeptical that this would work. I thought Riley was too far gone for anything to work. I would highly recommend this training.

C. Holloway

March 7 2007

My dog responded well and the trainer was great!

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Stephanie M.
Suffern, NY

March 6 2007

Linda was very thorough. She made sure I understood the basic theories. Excellent examples used in explaining the process. It was as if Henry was a totally different dog; much calmer and much happier! I was very pleased because the techniques are humane and positive. It was fascinating because of the underlying understanding of the canine mind. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. I saw a change in three hours in Henry. He sure seems much happier! The Bark Busters advertising is genuine; it worked beyond my expectations!

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Marsha Stewart
Middleton, WI

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