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May 16 2007

Results are amazing! You have to see it to believe it! George and Mary were wonderful-we are so happy! Our dog, Conner, is so much more relaxed and calm. It's the best thing we could have done for him! Thanks, Bark Busters!

Tony and Danita Bohle
Port St. Lucie

May 11 2007

Good job!!! It really worked!!!! I had tried many, many different things, and no one worked. Thanks!!!!

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Santiago Jose García

May 11 2007

It makes our dog more enjoyable!

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Georgia B.

May 11 2007

I felt that we could be gentle yet firm, and both our dog and we are pleased. Jason did an excellent job explaining the methods and reasoning behind them. We've had 2 other trainers involved with our dog and nowhere near the success. Thank you, Bark Busters!

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Cindy W.

May 10 2007

Jim explained the training techniques clearly and he demonstrated the techniques once and then let us do all the exercises which helped us learn them. When he first came, all 3 dogs were barking and carrying on. At the end of the session, not one of them barked or carried on. Jim's training has made a drastic improvement in our lives and I have already recommended Jim and Bark Busters to several of my veterinary clients.

Katie Perry, DVM, Winter Garden Animal Hospital

May 10 2007

Jim's presentation was very clear and straightforward. Demonstrating the techniques helped me see exactly what to do. I feel like I have a new dog as she listens, respects and obeys me and I know how to control her.

Rachel Gremillion

May 10 2007

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huntington woods

May 10 2007

Techniques were explained clearly and thoroughly. We noticed results in minutes! I am pleased with any technique that works this well. Linda was great, enjoyable experience! Worked miracles for our problem pup!

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Melissa O'Neill

May 10 2007

The changes were immediate! Very simple and easy to understand. We will recommend Bark Busters because it works and is simple and easy. Most of all, our dog seems more content and we are more relaxed. Having just had a baby, we were desperate to stop some of the bad behaviors our dog displayed. We tried classes, books and everything anyone suggested. Nothing worked! We thought we would give Bark Busters a try and couldn't believe the difference! After our session, we had a well-behaved dog. Now we don't have to worry when the baby sleeps or when we have visitors. Thank you so much!

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Chris Riese & Chris Ochalla

May 9 2007

We were able to learn how to understand our dog and how to train her to follow our commands which we couldn't do before.

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Donna A.
Haverstraw, NY

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