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May 23 2007

Photo of Melissa McElroy's dog

Very informative. Minnie was very calm and submissive. Very pleased there was not physical punishment or yelling. It was very enjoyable.

Melissa McElroy

May 23 2007

Photo of Matt & Holly Anderson's dog

Amazing! Our sweet boy wants to learn and please. I liked not using food or force with hands. Becky made us feel very comfortable. I would recommend Bark Busters to our friends. It was easy and very personable.

Matt & Holly Anderson

May 23 2007

Photo of Denea Hart's dog

Easy! Fast results! Becky was open to all questions!

Denea Hart

May 23 2007

Photo of Marilyn & David Brombert's dog

The best part was understanding how to communicate in terms the dog understands. It was very enjoyable; as much for the dog as my husband. Very knowledgeable and friendly!

Marilyn & David Brombert

May 23 2007

Photo of Donna Shelton's dog

The therapist explained the techniques very well. Very interesting and enjoyable. I had a lot of fun! I would recommend Bark Busters to friends because of the excellent therapist (Becky). The session was very informative.

Donna Shelton

May 23 2007

Photo of Trent & Reyleen Wood's dog

Both our dogs are so different and both responded. It was such a calm technique. We saw improvement within minutes! We are happy we did the training!

Trent & Reyleen Wood

May 23 2007

I have a 1-year-old shepherd-husky mix named Nakita. I thought there was no hope for her to be well behaved. She jumped on everyone who came in the yard, she would throw herself on the ground nipping your legs kicking you even tripping you,she knocked my kids and nephew down. She was a big food snatcher, she loved to bark at everything outside I had no control of her. Every time our gate would open there she would go and there we were chasing her a game to her a pain to us. Then I called Greg, and he said, "No problem." He came out taught us easy methods of how to train her that were not cruel and she actually responded to them. He blew me away i almost did not even know she was my dog. She has made a complete turn around. I can actually leave my gate open and she won't try to go out it. She doesn't bark at people walking by or riding bikes. She's even stopped jumping on people. I have total control oh her inside and out!!The most amazing part is that it's been maybe only a month since Greg was here, and she's a whole new dog!!! If you are looking for an AMAZING TRAINER, GREG IS THE WAY TO GO! 1000%WORTH IT!

Samantha Bremer

May 22 2007

I was completely satisfied with my trainer. I am very impressed with my trainer's generosity in donating programs to community service organizations and school programs - this makes me promote her, and the training techniques support my promoting the program. Gail Chadbourne rates a 10 on a scale of 1 - 10.

Colleen C. Cowl
Castro Valley

May 22 2007

Photo of Monica Ruiz's dog

Gail was extremely attentive to my needs. She answered all of my questions & I always felt reassured. I learned about dog behavior, leadership, being in a pack, respect, patience and determination. I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around being the leader, I need a lot of practice and I know I can do it.

Monica Ruiz

May 22 2007

We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors because of the immediate results which were so amazing! After just one visit, our lives have improved tremendously. I am already looking forward to being able to have guests in my house!

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Anne Wilson
Lake Oswego

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