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May 3 2007

Photo of Jan Van Horn's dog

As I learned how to lead my dog, he showed immediate response.

Jan Van Horn

May 3 2007

Photo of Nancy Dalgleish's dog

It was amazing how quickly Gracie responded to the training techniques.

Nancy Dalgleish
Bloomfield Hills

May 3 2007

Photo of Ellen Dour's dog

I would recommend, and already have, John to anyone who has problems with their dog. Chico has been heeling like a show dog since the day you John was here. The instruction John gave us was invaluable. My entire family and neighbors who knew the "old" Chico will recommend John and Bark Busters to everyone we come in contact with who has a dog problem.

Ellen Dour
Beverly Hills

May 3 2007

Photo of Wilda Peck's dog

I was shocked at the behavioral change in such a short time.

Wilda Peck
Lake Orion

May 3 2007

Photo of Cathy Hopkins's dog

Rudy was a different dog within minutes of training.

Cathy Hopkins
Lake Orion

May 3 2007

I was amazed. It is fantastic! It was wonderful to see the immediate changes. I am very pleased that Dr. Debbie DePorre recommended it. I am very grateful.

Elizabeth Jacobs

May 3 2007

Photo of Donna Johnson's dog

You could ‘see' the results almost immediately. It is a very simple philosophy but it teaches us the dog's perspective like nothing else I have seen or heard about.

Donna Johnson
Bloomfield Hills

May 3 2007

Photo of Marcella Chapman's dog

Wow! Amazing! No gimmicks or gadgets required for truly incredible results within minutes. It was great for the whole family, including my daughters - ages 11 and 13. Lisa was very warm, personable and patient. Her explanations and demonstrations were crystal clear.

Marcella Chapman
Beverly Hills

May 3 2007

Photo of Danielle Palomar's dog

We were surprised to see our dogs walking so calmly on a leash, and they were not barking at things that they normally would. It was an eye-opening experience. We feel like we have an insight into their world now and can relate to them. John was very helpful.

Danielle Palomar
Highland Township

May 3 2007

Photo of Casey Rhodes's dog

Great experience, great interaction with dogs.

Casey Rhodes
Rochester Hills

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