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February 9 2007

I have a few friends whose dogs could use this training. Although our dog has been a bit stubborn, Linda's patience and support have really helped us stay on track.

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Mary Orjansen
Madison, WI

February 9 2007

Awesome! Suzy really responded quickly. We had fun learning how to speak/think dog. It's a fun family event to teach our puppy. I wish I had known of in home training with our last puppy. After 4 group trainings at all the levels, she still would only listen sometimes for a treat. And it did nothing for the problems of barking, jumping, pulling on her leash and just having bad social manners. Thank you Kendra you are WONDERFUL! I will highly recommend you to others. It's worth every dime and more!

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W. Marion
Howell, MI

February 8 2007

I thought is was very fun and I couldn't stop laughing because I could not believe how enjoyable the training was. I would recommend Bark Busters because they know how to teach the owner how to take control.

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Lindsey Zentko
Madison, WI

February 7 2007

Immediate results, and I noticed even more results within a couple of days. Solo is very smart and responsive, and Bark Busters training allowed me to take advantage of that. The more well behaved a dog is, the more places you can take them. Thanks ,Linda!

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Matt Geiger, editor, Middleton Times Tribune, WI

February 6 2007

We have recommended Bark Busters to several friends. We learned a lot from Vito and enjoyed working with him. The techniques he showed us have really worked well with Toby. Thank you!

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Laurie M.
Safety Harbor, FL

February 4 2007

Vito did an excellent job with Sammy. He has been out of control until now. By the time the training session was over we were amazed by the changes in his behavior. We were very impressed and pleased.

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Jennifer & Mark G.
Seminole, FL

February 2 2007

Good clear directions, very informative. The leash work was amazing. I like the alternative correction- no hitting or pushing.

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Anne Marshall
Melbourne, FL

February 2 2007

I had an unruly English Bulldog named Winston. He had a very sweet personality, but drug me all over the neighborhood, and was aggressive towards other dogs. Marsha came out and taught me everything I know to be the leader, and I saw an immediate improvement in Winston! It has been two weeks, and he is doing wonderfully. I can't thank Marsha and Bark Busters enough!

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Pasadena, MD

February 2 2007

Good visuals. I have a calmer, more relaxed dog! I like that there are no food rewards and physical force. It was fun! It was great to see the immediate results. It works! I am trying to convince several people to do the training. Bark Busters is amazing. I have a whole different dog. I love coming home to a peaceful living environment. Linda is very motivating! She takes one step at a time and explains everything in an understandable way. She brings her enthusiasm and excitement to the training. Thanks, Linda!

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Chris Micklos
Verona, WI

February 2 2007

I see how it could save some dogs' lives and since they come to your home it's more personal.

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Kim Posorske, vet tech
McFarland, WI

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