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May 19 2007

Therapists were patient, friendly and took time to explain any questions.

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Jeanie E.
San Antonio

May 18 2007

I was amazed at how my dog seemed so much more relaxed. I thought it was very easy to pick up the technique and it wasn't harmful for the dog.

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Kim O'Donnell

May 18 2007

The ease of learning and implementing the training techniques was great! The rapid results of improved behavior in the dogs was amazing and fantastic. I would highly recommend Bark Busters to any dog owner!

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Kelly Mullins

May 18 2007

Linda's explanation was very clear. The dogs were able to be in the same room with our cats . . . not on leash! Linda gave us some insight into how our dogs think. Finally we feel as if we are beginning to communicate with our dogs!

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David & Ruth Ann Steuber
Mineral Point

May 18 2007

It was unbelievable!! My two Corgis are barkers and I have tried it all!! By the and of the session, they were not barking at the doorbell; this had never happened before . . . and so quickly! I was in shock! Very good step by step and easy to follow directions. I have never felt like the pack leader before and now I AM, and with just a growl -- it is a feeling of power and my dogs seem calmer and happier. The true test was the next morning. Annie had always barked from the time my alarm goes off until she is outside. I gave one growl and she was quiet the whole time! Incredible! I am sold on this method and will spread the word!

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Kay Truman
Mount Horeb

May 18 2007

My 2-year-old Malti-Poo was very spoiled and nervous due to a trauma with a Velcro jacket. Ever ytime we approached him, he would growl and he would even bite me......He was constantly barking at the door - at people - at the TV - I could not stop this behavior....I knew small dogs reacted like this sometimes, but I thought I would go crazy....

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Mary Ann D'Elia

May 18 2007

We couldn't be happier with the training. Jim, thank you for everything!

Jessica and Shane P.

May 18 2007

Rebecca Jones was amazing - what a difference - she is a wonderful trainer. Rebecca was easy to understand and follow - so glad I found her!

Gabriel Sorrells

May 17 2007

Jim was great and helped with everything. It was amazing the difference in Chocolate in just 2 hours. I will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to friends and neighbors.

Jacqueline and Ted L.

May 16 2007

Results are amazing! You have to see it to believe it! George and Mary were wonderful-we are so happy! Our dog, Conner, is so much more relaxed and calm. It's the best thing we could have done for him! Thanks, Bark Busters!

Tony and Danita Bohle
Port St. Lucie

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