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August 18 2006

Kendra was great. She was easy & fun to work with. She let me know when I wasn't doing something quite right and also praised me when I did well. I felt very comfortable. The difference in my dogs was amazing by the end of the session. It all made so much sense that it makes you wonder how we as humans have done things wrong for so long! Very eye opening! I feel like it immediately reduced stress for me. It gave tme the control I never thought I'd have.

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Tina H.
Brighton, MI

August 17 2006

The same night that we had our training, we were able to keep the dogs from barking at every little thing. We noticed results the first day. We can even walk in the door without the dogs jumping on us and no more peeing in the house!

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Patty P.
Madison, WI

August 17 2006

Trainer was very thorough and professional. My dog seemed to take instantly to the training and with more work will learn to focus and listen at all times.

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Stefanie D.
New Windsor, NY

August 15 2006

Phenominal results on several problem areas in a very short time. Wonderful experience. Richard and Vicki are awesome to work with.

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Mike B.
West Haven, CT

August 15 2006

Seems as if it will be the solution to our problems and could be for other people as well.

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Adele and Mark M.
Woodbridge, CT

August 15 2006

Bark Busters literally gave us our life back! As we loved our new puppy so much, Bagel had an easy time training us and he dominated our every waking minute wih his never ceasing demads for attention, petting and play time. Then would play bite and jump when he didn't receive enough. After only 1 training session, and 1 week of using the Bark Buster techniques, we now look at our dog and ask, "Who are you and what did you do with Bagel (our Beagle puppy)?" Thank you!

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Michael & Bea F.
Tarpon Springs, FL

August 14 2006

Connie is such a joy to work with. She listens to my issues with my dogs and has been very successful in fixing the problems. She has guided me to change certain things with my three pugs and miraculously they are more obedient. In fact she stopped one of my dogs annoying behaviors in just the first visit(barking at the door bell, and jumping on people). I highly recommend Connie. I feel she is genuine, honest and truly is a dog whisperer (like Cesar Milan).

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Marisa R.
Pearland, TX

August 14 2006

We had taken the test online and our dog received a D. After one night, almost an A!!! We saw results immediately. We were very impressed with the training experience. We observed night and day results with our dog. Simple basic techniques.

Anna and Larry Fl.
Toledo, OH

August 14 2006

We are able to enjoy our dogs again. Thank you! Our dogs respond well to the training aids. We are so glad that Cheryl brought her dog Cocoa to help us out. We worked in different area and scenerios- it really helped! We would recommend Bark Busters and already have!! It seems like our dogs had every kind of problem that a dog could have and you helped us with them all! Cheryl was friendly and professional and we've already seen big improvements!!

Lyndsay and Ricky M.
Toledo, OH

August 14 2006

We didn't think there was any hope for our alpha dog's behavior. After learning the techniques from Mark and the simple "laws of the pack" we had a completely different dog. We only required 2 visits to gain control! We can never say thank you enough!! Now that we're out of the Northern Virginia area, I'm sorry to see that there's no franchise in Charlottesville.

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Beth R.
Charlottesville, VA

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