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December 15 2006

Jane's presentation was very professional and polished. She was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. We walked through the neighborhood with our dog on leash using the techniques and were amazed that our dog did not bark at any people or other dogs that we passed. The techniques work and we like the fact that they are natural and involve no physical contact with the dog. Jane Dion is an excellent representative for Bark Busters. She really knows a lot about animal behavior and is very personable. We really enjoyed our training experience and would feel very comfortable contacting her for more advise should we encounter any other problems with our dog's behavior.

Patty Shattuck
Woodstock, CT

December 13 2006

The difference was almost immediate. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was so nice to know there is a way to make your dog behave without treats or physical punishment. It was incredible watching Linda work her magic, magic that within a couple of hours she passed on to me. I am telling anyone who will listen! My friends noticed the difference right away and were very impressed. I feel like after doing Bark Busters, I have a whole new dog that now understands what I am trying to tell him to do!

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Mitch Weber
Madison, WI

December 12 2006

The presentation and set up was in a very well organized manner. It was easy to follow the points she was making. Bella responded immediatley and her confidence rose in the days following. She was proud to listen to us. Our dogs enjoyed it immensely. Dottie was challenged and enjoyed doing something different and Bella really blossomed in connecting with us and the therapist. Their training methods are pack-based and commanding yet gentle, almost any breed will respond to them and be able to accelerate to being a well rounded family pet, or provide them with a beginning knowledge to expand on and lead to agility, field/trial work or other afvanced obedience. Bark Busters is a great system for dogs who need a simple effective method where they can feel like they're really accomplishing something!

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Lindsay Ruplinger , vet/kennel staff
Madison, WI

December 12 2006

I would love for everyone's dogs to be as well behaved as ours will be! When the family (including the dogs of course) are on the same page of understanding, everyone is happier!

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Mark & Shannon Peekna
Madison, WI

December 12 2006

We thought it would be difficult to train all three dogs at the same time, but we were pleased that Michelle was competent and experienced to be able to do this with them. We saw immediate results.

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Stephanie N.
Upper Nyack, NY

December 11 2006

Linda was very helpful and it was easy to understand. I was very pleased with the training method. My dog is unruly, so it was very challenging, butoverall it was a very pleasant experience, and my dog has improved in just the few short days since the training. I am excited to see the end result.

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Cheryl Bartels
Broadhead, WI

December 11 2006

Thank you very much; we are very happy with the results.

Melissa B.

December 11 2006

Amazing results in little time. Definitely pleased with the natural training techniques. Results were wonderful and accomplished with no harsh measures. We recommend this highly!

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Steve & Sandra K.
The Woodlands, Texas

December 8 2006

Linda was very nice and made it very easy to understand. It was very easy to follow. Thank you so very much!

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John Cobb
Prairie du Sac, WI

December 5 2006

Our puppy is responding immediately to the Bark Buster training techniques. We're so glad to have gained this insight into our dog's thought and behavior patterns. It seems like it really follows his natural instincts (and ours, too!). Thank you, Jessica, for sharing this with us! I think puppy training in this style would help so many people understand and appreciate their dog's behavior and eliminate many potential problems from arising later on.

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Margaret Barbee
Peachtree City, GA

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