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November 15 2006

The trainer is a remarkable teacher. The results were MAGICAL! I wouldn't have believed it without seeing it with my own eyes and with my dogs! It WORKS, enough said!!

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Nolan R.
Houston, Texas

November 13 2006

Bark Busters techniques are very simple techniques to perform but effective!! We oticed out dogs looking to us for direction. We found the Bark Busters experience interesting and enjoyable for us and the dog.

Carrie and Kevin G.
Toledo, OH

November 13 2006

Easy to follow, plus could see the results.

Pat and Joyce B.
Perrysburg, OH

November 13 2006

We saw results with Barley (8-month-old, Lab/Cocker mix) right away. Everything was explained in an easy way to understand.

Chris and Heather B.
Toledo, OH

November 13 2006

Cheryl, our Bark Buster therapist, was very good at offering analagies that were most helpful. Cheryl had worked with Izzy (previous owner and at the humance society) prior to us getting her and it was quite noticeable that she remembered the commands. Cheryl did not rush me and took time to answer all of my questions.

Annette B.
Wayne, OH

November 13 2006

Yes, we noticed results by the end of the training! Strummer (3-year-old Great Pyrenees) was very responsive - after Cheryl showed us the steps to follow. I really like the idea of voice commands- no treats! We found the training enjoyable and we still have so much to learn still! We would recommend Bark Busters; it's good for both people and dogs!! We appreciate the input and training so far and look forward to further training and learning even more!

Bill and Sue T.
Bowling Green, OH

November 13 2006

Cheryl went above and beyond to ensure that we understood the techniques. We absolutely noticed results by the end of the training! We are doing great-we still have lots of work to do but are so pleased with the results thus far. The natural training techniques make so much more sense to communicate with our dog in a way that he naturally understands. The training was very interesting, hard work- so much to remember, but we enjoyed the work and love the difference that it is making in our lives. I absolutely would recommend Bark Busters and in fact, I have passed along the info to two of my friends already. We love working with Cheryl. She obviously loves what she is doing and it really shows in her work with her clients.

Sue and Bill T.
Bowling Green, OH

November 13 2006

At first, I thought it would be too much to remember, but after I started doing it, I found that it was pretty easy. Seger, Weimeriner 3 months old, responded very well. I like that there is not hitting or punishing your dog. Other than myself being nervous that I could not do it, I enjoyed it when Seger responded positively. I have already told friends about the Bark Buster way. I hope with consistency, he will get better every day. I enjoy him so much more now.

Tracy Gray
Toledo, OH

November 13 2006

Couldn't have asked for a better training. I know what to do for all situations we need to address. I noticed results immediately!!! I love that we're showing Muffin (Poodle, 8 months) that we are the pack leader, not her- she responded so quickly! The training experience was fun! I am still amazed at how Muffin picked right up with the training! I have already recommended Bark Busters!! I tell everyone!!

Michelle S.
Temperence, MI

November 10 2006

Michelle was very good, patient. I highly recommend this program to everyone! Michelle is great!

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Leslie P.
Cornwall, NY

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