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July 27 2006

Bark Busters works. It's as simple as that. The techniques are simple and straightforward. I've got five dogs and now I can walk them all at once and the two big outside dogs no longer bark at the neighbor's dogs or dogs that pass by the fence. Learning to be the leader of the pack, working at home and the lifetime guarantee are priceless.

Steven B.
Atlanta, GA

July 27 2006

Barry was excellent in explaining techniques. We were a bit overwhelmed with everything, but we pulled through! Wonderful results! We even put our dog Abby to the ultimate test that same evening with pizza delivery. She ACED it!! YEAH!! We chose Bark Busters because of the natural training techniques. Our problem was how to implement them. We were so proud and impressed with Abby's responses, and laughed and had a good time with Barry. We would recommend Bark Busters because of the most obvious: immediate results and a happier calmer puppy and a happier calmer family!! Thanks, Barry!

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Jennifer P.
Locust Grove, GA

July 27 2006

I have found everyone in my cirlce of friends and acquaintances are all asking me how Norman is doing and when they do, I can't help but launch into the details of how Bark Busters saved my life. No more crazy, desparate attempts to escape. He knows we are in charge, not him.

Heather M.
Denver, CO

July 27 2006

We have had great success with our dogs using Bark Busters. Before we used Bark Busters, they did not listen to us at all and we were unable to take them for walks. Since we have worked with Becky, we know how to train them and they are much better behaved. We are very excited by the results.

Jen B.
Denver, CO

July 27 2006

Amazing to see the dogs respond immediately. I think it is a fair and humane method. Better than yanking on a leash constantly. Becky is a sincere and compassionate person which which flows naturally into her training.

Roni H.
Aurora, CO

July 27 2006

The most effective training methods I've come across. Very enjoyable.

Jane F.
Aurora, CO

July 26 2006

Michelle seems genuinely concerned/interested in my training problems. I was confident she would be able to teach me how to communicate better with my puppy. My puppy has been changed to a better behaved animal overnight.

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Pomona, NY

July 25 2006

Bob's explanation of the method was very informative. Naddie really responded! I couldn't believe the change. This actually works ! "Pretty Amazing Training" !!

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Mark & Sherry V.
The Woodlands, Texas

July 24 2006

Our dogs really responded to the training methods. We adopted our two dogs from a shelter and Bob and Judy helped us teach our dogs how to adjust to their new home.

John & Betsy A.
Canton, GA

July 24 2006

The Bark Busters training was a wonderful experience and so natural.

Sandy C.
Acworth, GA

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