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July 24 2006

Bob and Judy were excellent. Why didn't we do this sooner? I thought it would take months to achieve results like we got!

Tara & James F.
Cumming, GA

July 24 2006

I am amazed! Bob and Judy were very professional and great coaches. Everyone should have dogs they control and the dogs should not control the humans. Amazing experience-I was very impressed. Thank you for teaching me how to be in control of my dear pets.

Dr. Veronique D.
Canton, GA

July 24 2006

Bob and Judy really listened to what my concerns and goals were. The Bark Busters system provides education that taught my dog at his level. I am so glad this training was recommended by my vet I am wanting my dog to be a therapy dog and now I have the tools to help us complete that goal. My dog is so much calmer and relaxed and I was amazed at the difference in just a few hours.

Cathy R.
Cumming, GA

July 24 2006

Bob and Judy were very patient with us and explained training techniques that were easy to understand. Our dog's behavior was completely different. We love Tucker like a family member and it's nice to know we can have total control without being unnatural. Hiring Bob and Judy is the best decision we have made regarding our dog. We should have done this months ago. Thank you Bob and Judy for showing us a glimse of the potential Tucker has to be a great, well trained dog. We look forward to showing off Tuckers progress for years to come.

Dan & Kathy D.
Douglasville, GA

July 24 2006

Bob and Judy are very knowledgable and freindly our dogs are responding to the training very well. After the Bark Busters training we realized that our dogs had trained us. Bob and Judy are a great team.

Alexis G.
Douglasville, GA

July 24 2006

Bob and Judy were very clear and explained everything so I knew what I should do in each step of the training...very helpful! I was surprized thta I could get a response from my dog without any physical contact. He is a big dog and very confident. I would recommend Bark Busters because it is effective. The focus is on training us as owners in a way that makes sense to the dog.

Nicole K., vet tech
Cartersville, GA

July 24 2006

We saw noticeable results by the end of the training. It was almost unbeleivable! I was especially pleased with the natural training techniques and especially how the training is centered on voice control and not other devices like clickers, electronic collars or treats.

Christy C.
North East, MD

July 24 2006

We were amazed. Harry responded very well. We realized quickly that we were the problem. John made us feel very relaxed and comfortable with the methods.

Lauren A.
Elkton, MD

July 24 2006

Piper is doing very well since her training yesterday. Last night she was quiet and laid under the coffee table (which is a very different behavior for her). I can't believe the difference in only one day. This morning she was not jumping up on me nor did she bother me when I was having my coffee. This is all new stuff. I am quite pleased with the results of yesterday's session. It's nice to gain control of my pack!!

Marge M.
Wilmington, DE

July 24 2006

John worked hard with me and my wife to get our four unruly dogs into shape. He really is a miracle worker. We learned from him that 99% of dog training is really training the owners about how dogs think and how to communicate with them in a way they will understand! I highly recommend his services.

Michael S.
Hockessin, DE

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