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July 24 2006

The change in our four "kids" has been INCREDIBLE. It's like someone came in and replaced them with four polite, well-behaved dogs. (Well, I guess that did happen, in a manner of speaking.) They still need work with coming in and out and some other things, but the barking has all but ceased. Our friends who were here were just absolutely amazed that you could create such unbelievable results in the dogs with only 2½ hours of time. Thank you so much!

Donna S.
Hockessin, DE

July 24 2006

Jim and Lorie were patient, answered any and all questions while training us effectively. I agree with the "natural" methods as opposed to clicker, treat training, or anything physical. Since our initial Bark Busters training session, we have two well-mannered pups! Thank you!

Trainer note from James & Lorie:
Tough separation anxiety case. Dogs highly destructive when left alone. Our first clients. Lovely people.

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Christine Picado

July 23 2006

Incredible results- overnight changes!

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Malinda V.
Madison, WI

July 23 2006

Wow!!!!! Wow!!! hey folks we are absolutely amazed,our dogs have been very very well behaved,or should I say we have been The barking has all but ceased, twice Gunther and Garrett ran to bark and we did the bahhh,Gunther let out another bark and got a water bag,they headed for the high hills,not a peep out of them for the next 3 hours.all the dogs seem to be relaxed and relieved.Unlike.... they usually are frantic and very easily excited,Hubby took Garrett to petsmart to get his nails cut, he walked with ease and was totally controlled, now for the miracle of didnt fight when his nails were cut,he stood still and was very well behaved........yahooooooo!!!!,thank you for all your patience and informative session,I know its your job but to us its a miracle.This evening as I watched my precious loves outside, so serene and so relaxed it brought tears to my eyes to see them so content and happy,it warmed my heart and soul.They are our life,and we want nothing but the best for them.......the neighbor agreed to help,she said they were very good today and when I told her they were outside right now she couldnt believe it,no will give you a call tomorrow to schedule our next miracle session..................HEART FELT THANKS FROM US AND OUR FURKIDS FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE SO FAR....ERIKA BUBBA AND FAMILY

Wilmington, DE

July 23 2006

I was amazed at the immediate results. The program is excellent. John was an excellent teacher/trainer.

Kelly S.
Wilmington, DE

July 23 2006

I was initially skeptical, but after only a few minutes, I was truly amazed. It was absolutely worth the investment.

Doug T.
Wilmington, DE

July 23 2006

Thank you so much for the care and help. She was getting so much better with the kids. Lizzie was no longer scared of her running her over. Instead they ran and played together. Truffles was changing into the gentle and caring dog we wanted her to be with the kids. Thank you for making the last couple months with her so great. You provide an excellent service and we will recommend you to anyone we can.

Steve S.
Delaware City, DE

July 23 2006

We are very pleased with the response of Chance to the training as well as the results. We found John to be very friendly, well versed in the training procedures, interested in our needs and an effective trainer. Our dog responded within 15 minutes of the session!

Karen M.
Wilmington, DE

July 23 2006

Dugan is a changed dog! He is a pleasure to walk and actually listens to us! We are very, very pleased with the results of the training session. It was very helpful to hear the details of dog pack behavior and interaction. This made everything very clear! We would recommend Bark Busters in a heart beat!

Joan M.
Wilmington, DE

July 23 2006

This program is simple to apply and has had dramatic results in correcting McDuff's behaviors. I highly recommend Bark Busters!

Tammy S.
Newark, DE

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