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May 8 2006

Barry explained everything right off the bat in terms of "thinking like a dog," and the importance of pack leadership. Using commands in a way a dog would understand, it made perfect sense. Within 5 minutes, it was almost as though we had a different dog. The natural training methods seem much more effective than yelling and bribing with treats. The time during our first session flew by and we were given valuable information I didn't expect. I believe that if Bark Busters can work for Winston, it can work on any dog. I am almost embarassed we didn't do anything like this sooner. Bark Busters was definitely the answer we were looking for!

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Shelby S.
Peachtree City, GA

May 8 2006

Bear had made significant improvement with in an hour after the hands-on training began. Jim & I are very pleased with the progress Bear has made. Bear has gone from being a dog we thought we would have to get rid of to a dog that has become part of the family.

Marci S.

May 6 2006

So simple, like a light bulb was turned on. WOW!! My dogs are my kidsand I hated the thought of using any technique that caused physical harm, so this is awesome. It's cool seeing the envy in the eyes of people being pulled by their dogs, finally.

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Shelly B.
Cypress, Texas

May 5 2006

It was presented very well and easy to understand. The system is unusual, but it works. Buster responded very well.

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Herbert & Joanne H.
Evansville, WI

May 5 2006

My toy poodle Katy whined constantly. After Bark Busters, I can actually eat, read & watch tv in peace!

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Shirley C.
Madison, WI

May 5 2006

We were positive our dog, Sydney, would be the "problem child" and the trainer would tell us there was no hope. But, after just one session we are now in control. We are a happy family. Thank You!

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Steve & Roberta R.
Dunedin, FL

May 4 2006

I am so happy that I finally did this!!!!!! My 2 cute little Shitzus were so bad in almost every area imaginable; I didn't even know how out of control it was. Lucy, the mother of Spanky, ran the house, attacked other dogs, barked, would hump my Lab 2 or 3 times a day, and demand to be petted. Spanky was not much better: he ran away from me all the time and was aggressive with any other dog. I ahd had 2 sessions and my dogsd are really amazing! I am so happy and really proud of all of us . . . we go to the dog park every day and they are now interacting with the same dogs they wanted to take down. Vito's a miracle workers and I can't tell enough people about him.

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Crystal Beach, FL

May 2 2006

We have just begun to work with Risto, our trainer. We were totally amazed on the first visit on the techniques he used. In only one visit so far, we can already see the difference in our "student." We know we have a long way to go, but already see that we made the right choice in going with Bark Busters. We are fortunate to have Risto and look forward to meeting Dillion.

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Greg & Del D.
The Colony, TX

April 26 2006

We were extremely impressed with how quickly Kramer responded to the techniques. We have already recommended you to others.

Craig and Kathy M.

April 25 2006

Barry was extremely calm & patient not only with our dog Luci, but with me and Adam, as well. He explained thoroughly what Bark Busters is all about, dog psychology and the steps that we needed to take to become the "alpha." We could tell a big difference in just one session!

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Krista D.- Newnan, GA
Newnan, GA

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