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December 3 2005

I couldn't believe how easy and effective the training is. I have control over my 97# Bear (Golden Retriever) without being angry or frustrated. I don't know why anyone would use any other method. My dogs respect us.

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Mary T.
Tampa, FL

December 3 2005

Cathy and Jeff were very professional and caring. They are a pleasure to work with.

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Joey B.
Tampa, FL

December 3 2005

Roscoe has almost immediately responded to the issues that needed to be addressed. He comes to us when called whereas before he would not move. The growling and praising technique could not be better.

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Bennett & Heather B.
Tampa, FL

December 3 2005

I was excited to see results after our first visit. For the first time I was able to eat while Max layed on the floor and didn't beg. Also I could go out of his sight without him barking and whining. I looking forward to the next few weeks and more improvements.

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Judy S.
Odessa, FL

December 3 2005

Bark Busters training is absolutely amazing! My dog is listening to me now more than he used to. I think Tito and I are understanding each other a lot more now. We're both more relaxed now than we were before. Basically, I'm very, extremely happy with Bark Busters training.

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Nesrine J.
Tampa, FL

November 29 2005

We are very pleased with how quickly the training techniques began working. Vito has been very professional & helpful.

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Linda & Ron L.
Clearwater, FL

November 26 2005

Holey Moley, what a noticeable change! I didn't expect to see such a change! Great experience!

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Tom & Amy M.
Spring, Texas

November 15 2005

Susan, our trainer, has done wonders with Zoe. I was at my wit's end with her behavior, but she is a totally different dog and getting better all the time. Thanks, Bark Busters!

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Joan W.
Boynton Beach, FL

November 14 2005

By the end of the training session we had a different dog. the Bark Buster technique is very easy to learn and administer with immediate results. I will recommend Bark Busters to anyone who wants a well behaved dog. Thanks, Bob !!!!

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Richard & Wanda M.
The Woodands, Texas

November 12 2005

Amazing change within 5 minutes, effective and easy !!

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Justin T.
Katy, Texas

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